Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tow bar service, a quick run through the tent, library for computer updates and a nice Happy hour.

Where are we today ?
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I updated the poster for Shadowmoss so
that the location is posted
And thanks to Rick for reserving this Ramada for her. 
       Same cool night and morning but really great for sleeping.  At 4:30 this morning was 37f (3C) outside and with our Blue Flame heater was quite comfy inside. Got my coffee and computing done then at 8 am headed down to the Big tent area to have our Roadmaster Sterling tow bar checked over and serviced. The manager there said they are busier again this year "just like the old days."
       Got there just after 8 am and he took my tow bar in right away. They were busy setting up a couple of vehicles with tow bars. When the guy came in a few minutes later there was now 6 tow bars to be checked out.  Ours was cleaned, lubricated, checked all over, new bushings and a couple of small parts replaced and we are good to go. "No charge for this service" Thank you Roadmaster you do have excellent customer service. Ours is still going strong after over 11 years of full-time service. Mind you I clean and lube ours frequently myself. Compared to the Blue Ox tow bars I was told they charge $35.00 for the same service.
getting busy
install on a Jeep
       After they were done I parked the car and made a quick trip through the tent again, checking out a couple of things. No crowds at all now. Same as usual. after the first weekend.
not busy now
even outside nice and quiet
       Then back home by 9:30. Suzie wanted to go to the Library to do some updates on her computer and I-pad, So back into town to use the free internet there. May as well use theirs for these downloads.
wonderful Library here
       That done and home for lunch and a relaxing afternoon. I re-installed our tow bar and Bike rack, Then added the 15 gallons of water I picked up the other day to our fresh water tank because I could.
old water pump makes it easy    
new bushings on our tow bar
we good to go again
         Now with the bikes off I cleaned them up a bit and pumped up the air in the tires. oops the rear tire on my bike the time blew out. So a quick trip to Herb's Hardware in town for a new tube, only 4 bucks. I will install it tomorrow, no time left today, gotta read for a bit then Happy Hour, we know our priorities.
LR: Suzie, Shirley,Ken, Tom, Deb, mu empty chair
          Everyone headed home to make dinner about 5 pm, and for us tonight a craving I have been having. A Canadian comfort food Kraft Dinner (KD) Macaroni and cheese. Have not had this for a very long time but like to carry some just in case!
     Quick and easy, . added some celery, carrots, broccoli and tomato to help it out a bit. Added to that a couple of hot dogs. No need to fire up our Weber Q for only 2 hot dogs. So just fried them up in a fry pan, Like I used to do years ago.
not long and done
what a treat, loaded hot dog and Kraft Dinner
              And as this was about done we got to enjoy another desert sunset.
       Just another wonderful desert day enjoying these warm sunny desert days, (about 72F (22C) today and clear blue sunny skies. What's not to love about that?
      Thanks again for taking the time to stop on by.Hope you enjoyed you day as well.
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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Cannot believe how quiet the tent is compared to the first day.
    It was a good day and it was nice that Shirley and Ken came over for Happy Hour today.
    Looking forward to the Bloggerfest on Saturday.

    1. After the first weekend it really slows down there, people are leaving the area Rice Ranch campground is emptying out too.
      Nice have Ken and Shirley drop by again always fun to get to know each other, tell stories and share information.

  2. That is certainly the time to go to the tent if you want to be in and out. glad you got your towbar looked after for another year.
    I bought some KD as well at the food tent, hadn't had it for a long time.
    Looks like another great day, don't overdo it. Those priorities are important!

    1. I used to do it everyday so got to know the routines and has not changed much over the years. Tow Bar good to go, love their free service.
      Kd is a nice treat still the same.
      You know us we will not overdo it!

  3. I have been lugging the water bottle inside, to get it higher than the fill port, and using a siphon. Dang you make it simple with an old water pump, now to find a water pump ... I'll add the dog to the KD dinner and skip the peanut butter :) You've had another nice day at the Q

    1. The old water pump sure makes it nice and easy, I just gave away my other old one to Tom and Deb so they could do the same thing. The dog hit the spot with the KD. But as you know I like peanut butter makes my dog special.

  4. Beautiful sunset photos. Looks like you had a very productive day.

    Glad to see the crowds are gone. Might pop up there tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Doug.
      The best time to go is still at 9 am or after 3 pm.

  5. Great pictures George.
    Glad the tow bar is ready to go again, and the bikes too, or soon to be.
    The tents looks like it is the perfect time to go visit now with no one around. I'd even venture there now.
    I don't know think I've heard of peanut butter on a hot dog before.
    Enjoy Bloggerfest!!!

    1. Thanks Deb, nice to get the tow bar checked over and tuned up will get my bike going today.
      Always less busier in the tent as the week goes by. Love Peanuts butter and really like it on my hot dog.

  6. We sure enjoyed Happy Hour once again with y'all Getting to know everyone in person just seems to make the blogging more special. The tent definitely doesn't look as crowded as the first day you went. I"m not a big fan of mac and cheese, but gotta say yours looks delicious! I love fried hot dogs, that's the way I grew up.

    1. Happy hours are fun in smaller groups. We will all be going our separate ways soon, and never know when we will meet up again. The crowds are much less now. Not crazy about Mac and cheese but like to doctor it up a bit because I can., Fried hot dogs in butter for me as well.

  7. What a great idea to add the extras with the Mac & cheese. I will definitely try it! Enjoy the week end!

    1. You can throw in whatever you want and a few extra spices as well if you like.

  8. You just can't beat Roadmaster's service. They check mine out every year for free at our Indio Rally.

    1. They do have great customer service nice that they take care of their customers


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