Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, January 29, 2018

Quartzsite is quieting down, and checked a few vendors with next to no traffic in town

Where are we today ? 
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              Warmer again last night  and a nice warm quiet morning so I headed on out at 7:30 for my first walkabout got 2 miles in and back home shortly after 8. No wind yet and the sunshine wonderful.
just watching the sunrise as the desert warms up
peaking over the mountains
            Puttered around for a while  and at 9am headed back into the quiet streets of Quartzsite. Rv's are packing up and heading out of town. Some vendors doing the same as well.The big tent all cleaned out and things will be settling down a bit now. I did want to check some vendors on the north side of main street I have not been to this year, So in about a hour got them all checked out not much new but I had to look anyway.


     Then across from Silly Al's more vendors here, more of a flea market but interesting stuff.
love these see=saws
wash tubs
bar stools
inteersting chairs
old signs
retro card tables
then checked out Ken;'s Grocery Outlet
           Wandered about Gem World just because and still some amazing deals in there for rocks , gems, costume jewelry, beads, , some more wonderful things, and  pottery amazingly low prices , Sure worth the stop  to check it out.
    Then the jewelry and beads really great prices.
3d Pics a dollar each or 10 for 5 bucks
      Then back home for a light lunch, set up our awning and sunshade and got into our e-readers. I finished one James Patterson book and began another page turner.
another page turner
love James Patterson
enjoying the clear blue sunny skies
82F (27C) today
sunscreen up the sun here is too intense
you know it is warm when Suzie is in shorts in the shade
      Soon time for Happy hour at Bill and Patsy's today, We here and Len and Brenda joined us again today nice to see them again! Thanks Bill and Patsy for hosting today !
LR: Tom, Patsy,Bill, Deb, Len ,Brenda, Suzie and my empty chair
Suzie got Doggie kisses from Clemson
        Soon time for supper so  fired up our Weber Q to preheat, whipped up a salad and grilled the chop (we shared) and some fresh asparagus.
quick and easy
so tasty , really hit the spot
this large chop on sale only $2;50 
     Then as supper was just about done we got to enjoy just another wonderful desert sunset.
      That was it for another wonderful day here in the southwest. Amazing weather and fun with friends. Only one more day here and we are packing up and heading on out, not far but to some free camping areas for a while.
      Glad that y'all stopped in and hope you enjoyed your day as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Looks like we'll be busy seeing the shops we missed. n
    It was definitely a warm day today. That sun is sure intense. I should be wearing sunscreen.

    1. It was warm and will be getting much warmer, Quartzsite is cooler that Yuma though, Sunscreen is a good idea and a hat as well.

  2. Looks pretty quiet there now, those vendors should be home sleeping and getting over last week.
    Happy Hour always looks fun.
    Great pictures.
    Enjoy your last day at Q. Safe travels ahead.

    1. Some vendors have moved on but the ones here are still working, Happy hour is a good time to share information and have a few laughs.

  3. Oh ... you stopped in at my favorite place, with the wash tubs, wheels and bar stools. "NOT a nice lady" runs that place. LOL I'm surprised so many people just go for the big tent and don't stay long. And there's nothing like ATV dust in your face. Safe travels as you move on .....

    1. That is and interesting place, and I did manage to not run into that "NOT" nice lady. Dos much more to see in Quartzite other than the big tent.Thanks Nancy not going far for a few days just another area.

  4. I love the bar stools, but figure they cost a pretty penny or the NOT nice lady wouldn't have so many left. Sunrise and sunset gorgeous! After seeing your asparagus the other day I looked at Fry's $4.99 a pound! No thanks..but it is so tasty! Great happy hour, nice that Len and Brenda stopped by!

    1. The bar stools are pricey, think $250.00 each ! Love the morning and night skies here they are amazing. Gt the asparagus at Albertson's $1.77 now that is much better.
      Always nice to see Len and Brenda again.

  5. interesting to see the tent vendors moving out plus all of the rv's pulling out of La Posa South. it is so nice and quiet here. I'm ready to move but hate to leave the surrounding views.
    I think those wash tubs would be good at the Ridge, what do you think? ha ha
    Love the see saws, simple but perfect!

    1. It is always unto see everyone vacating and heading on out. We will go looking for more wonderful views from here. The wash tubs would be nice at the Ridge but they are awful pricey.

  6. We really need to stop at Gem World, maybe today. It is amazing how quickly everyone moves on at the end of the show. Tom and I have enjoyed being here during this busy time but we have always enjoyed being here when it is slower, also. The one thing nice about where we are parked, has been, that even with the crowds we have plenty of space and quietness.

    1. I think you would enjoy Gem World. It is nice being here when stuff is going on and really nice when it gets quiet as well.. We do have a nice quiet spot here.

  7. Glad things are getting back to normal.

    Interesting flea market. Lots of great metal stuff that looked interesting. Being in a Motorhome, not the thing to buy though.

    James Patterson writes great stories. Enjoy his books too.

    1. Things are quieting down now real nice. Lots of stuff there but nothing we need thats for sure.
      Patterson does have a lot of very good books and have read many of his over the years.

  8. I'm really, really missing the Southwest reading your posts. Have to do something about that for next year! ;c)

    1. We just can't stay away from here, thanks for joining us and maybe next year is in your plans.

  9. Tomorrow is the lunar eclipse, hope you take some nice shots of it, could be cloudy at the coast :( There will be another Super Blue Blood Moon in 177 years if we miss this one :)

    1. We are moving tomorrow and should be abe to get a goo shot of it , I hope.

  10. Must be one of the craziest places to shop in the world!

    1. Yes Stew this is crazy and is fun as well, thats why we like it. the crowds come and they go.
      But the desert scenery is wonderful.


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