Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, January 19, 2018

Productive day, relax in the shade, a tasty supper and enjoying a campfire with friends.

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      Another wonderful warm night, windows open great for sleeping. So as the sun was rising and because I could I did a grocery run to Blythe California for some items not available here in Q. Picked up some deals at Albertson's, Right Aide and Smart and Final. Nice that they are all on the same corner.
      On the way back I stopped at Rv Lifestyles to change our appointment. I goofed on our departure date here. No problem with the change. Then back home by 10 am, Nice to get that out of the way. Now to enjoy the day here relaxing in the shade. Awning down sunscreen set up, (thanks Suzie). Had a light lunch (left over pizza slice) then dive into our page turners. You know it is a wonderful warm day even though only 72f (22C) when Suzie is outside in shorts. Only one more day of this warm weather then the temps into th 60's for the next week , but mostly sunny so that is wonderful as well. Heck back home in the 60's would be a heat wave !
you know to is nice day when Suzie is in shorts
under our awning
nice sunrise as I headed out this morning
a perfect sunny warm winter day
        Did get a few walkabouts, chat with our neigbours for a bit and a quiet Happy Hour just the 2 of us today. Something we really enjoy as well.  Sat 3 pm it is Beer 30!
it is time
       At 4 was time for Bill an Patsy to head to the dump station with their blue boy, a good time of day to do this.
          Soon time again to whip up supper and tonight gonna grill some boneless , skinless chicken thighs I picked up on sale at Smart and Final, A huge 5 lb bag for  $6.30, half price. But with our not so large freezer cooking 3 made room. Plus we like leftover chicken for lunches and a pot of soup I will make tomorrow morning.
these cook very nicely on our grill mat, low and slow
added to our salad sure hit the spot
so tender and juicy
of course another wonderful desert sunset
         Now with such a wonderful warm evening thought it would be a great night for a campfire, So I pulled out out propane fire pit and got it going. We have not used it for a while and is so nice, gives off heat, ambience,  no need to buy firewood, no sparks and no smoke. We do love this the odd time that we use it.
a nice fire and adjustable flame
       We checked to see if our neighbours wanted to join us. So here we go all around a nice warm campfire on a wonderful warm desert evening. Kind of a much later Happy(social) hour. What a nice change enjoying this desert quiet time. Clear skies and an amazing starlit night.
all cozy around our propane firepit
      Before we know it time flew by and after 9 pm cooling down , so just turned off the propane and we all headed home again, Wonderful time we had , nothing quite like telling stories around a campfire.
      That was our fun productive day here in the desert hope y'all had a great one as well.
      Thanks for stopping on by.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Fantastic day for sure. It's a cute trip to Blythe and I enjoyed that drive each time I made it. The Happy Hour fire looks like fun as well.

    1. Yes Deb it was a fun day, and going the Blythe is a nice drive hough the mountain pass as well.
      The fire was a nice treat on a mild evening as well.

  2. Thanks for the fire, George and Suzie.
    It was a great day.

  3. Echoing what Patsy said, thanks for the fire Suzie and George. It was a great way to end a beautuful day in the desert.

    1. Glad that you guys were able to join us on another perfect night.

  4. We love our fire pit, it sure extends the day. My ereader froze on me a week or so ago and I haven't got a new one yet so I have to read it on the laptop, just not the same. Happy to see you are all having such a great time.

    1. The fire pit is wonderful have enjoyed ours for years.
      When my e-reader froze I just reset it again and works fine once again.
      Always have a great time wherever we are.

  5. Beautiful sunset to start the day with and sounds like the day got better and then to end with the campfire and friends! Great way to live. Ken loves chicken thighs, me not so much but gotta say they looked delicious!

    1. It was a great day all around, and the chicken thighs so moist and tender on the grill mat.

  6. That campfire sure beats finding and lugging wood. Plus you don't smell like smoke afterwards. A good buy all around! ;c)

    1. This is a great way to enjoy a campfire, like you said and no smokey smell afterwards.

  7. You're sounding like you're really comfortable down there. Glad your winter is going well.

    1. Yes Stew we are comfortable here with this amazing weather . This is why we are here.


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