Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A few more things taken care of , warm sunny day, hang out with friends and Silly Al's for supper

Where are we today ?
Quartzite Arizona
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      More great weather and a mild night again. After our morning coffees and computing we secured our coach as the sun was rising and headed to the dump station at 7:50 am. no line up so got our sewage disposed of and refilled our fresh water tank. This is a nice time to go, no line ups.
only 2 blue boys ahead of us
nice sunrise while we were at the dump station 
           Then while we had our house mobile we may as well just whip into town to top up our propane tank. Took only 10 gallons (we have a 32 gallon propane tank), at $2.20 a gallon at the Arco, a very easy in and out for the Motorhome. We could have went another mile up the road to the Rv Pitstop and saved a dollar but not as easy in and out for us and the extra 2 miles in fuel at 7.2 mpg it did not make much difference.  Its been a month since our last fillup, not bad for 2 weeks boon docking 2 weeks in the campground and cooking everyday mostly on our Weber or propane stove/oven.
       On our way back from our propane fill up over I-10 got a nice view of Tyson wells and all the vendors there.
           Back to home dirt one hour later and set up at 8:50 am, Nice to get that out of the way. Chatted with Bill and Patsy's friends for a couple of minutes. Then I headed into town with the car to stop at the bank machine for some cash and to renew our BLM permit for another couple of weeks.
Tyson Wells vendors
     At 9:40 am I headed back to town past the dump station.  One was being repaired so only one working and 14 rv 's in line to use the facilities, they will have a long wait.
working on the dump station
14 rv's  n line right now
     Soon time for a light lunch and now to enjoy a sunny warm afternoon. The mornings just fly by for us as does the rest of the day.
    And now a few hours in the shade of our awning enjoying our e-readers
I started a new page turner today
      At 3 pm was Happy hour at Bill and Patsy's for a bit. Chat with Brenda and Randy , their company.
         Then at 3;40 PM we headed to Silly Al's for Pizza with our friends. They have a saying in town "If you have not been to Al's you have not been to Quartzite" ( we have been here many times.)  Well we needed a table for 12 so it was a bit of a wait. maybe 20 minutes or so, Then we snagged 3 small tables of 4  close together. Not the best but better than waiting for another table to empty. 
      Service was not the best but considering how busy they are. We got food , and a couple of orders screwed up a bit but we did get to eat and all have a great time.
this the place
parking lot always busy
these guys in the Kitchen doing a great job
Randy and Patsy
        Below is our group 3 tables in a row, trying to chat while waiting for the food.
we shared a salad to start
food is here
Brenda and Len with their friends,sorry guys my pea brain
forgot your names but nice people none the less

Aha, Patsy remember their Names. Ann and Paul
thanks Patsy
Tom and Deb's Pizza on top
ours on the bottom
we all got some food and almost everyone smiled
         This my slice with Jalpeno peppers and olives on top.
Tom and Deb
Patsy and Bill
     A couple of hours later time to head on back home. I know our meal was excellent, not so sure about everyone else though. I know there was some screw ups. At least we had fun flapping our gums with good friends.
Back to home dirt in time to catch the tail end of todays
sunset , no complaints here
       Again another fun desert day, with friends, wonderful weather and tasty supper.,
Thank y'all for taking the time to stop on by.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Replies
    1. It was a grear day and Silly Al's always an experience.

  2. Seems the early bird gets the quick dump! I'll keep that in mind when we get up there. Definitely need to try Silly Al's. We picked up some Chicken on the Run tonight based on your recommendation and it was VERY good. Thanks!

    1. At this rime of year it can be very busy around town here. Glad you enjoyed Chicken on the Run we loved it.

  3. Sometimes trying to save that one dollar on propane is just not worth it!

  4. Best pizza around and always crowded!!!

  5. Looks like a busy place. Glad you guys all had fun. As long as the food is good, and reasonably close to what you ordered, that's what counts.

    I've always found that the best thing for us to do is what works best for us, and you like the other station, it works for you, that's what matters.

    You were a travelling man today all those trips here and there but you still managed to get some reading in. I like most of Stuart Woods stuff, he's a unique style to his writing. Enjoy the book.

  6. I can whip around town and get things done then home to relax. We have always enjoyed the food there at Silly Al's, it is a busy funky place to visit.
    Yes this station works best for us, tried the Pit stop before.
    Stuart Woods does have an interesting style and like you enjoy most of his books.

  7. Replies
    1. Gerry you were right there with us in spirit and it was awesome as usual.

  8. Another wonderful day! Love Silly Al's, just looking at the food makes me hungry! Sometimes it's worth it to pay a little more for something when it's convenient and works for you. Great pictures of everyone having fun at Silly Al's! Beautiful sunset to end the day!

    1. Yes it was a wonderful day, The convenience was worth it to us. We just can't come to Quartzite and not go to Silly Al's.
      Soon you can go there too.

  9. Never been to Silly Al's but I Will make it a priority this year. That pizza made my stomach churn it looked so delicious.

    I can't believe people would wait 14 deep to dump tanks. Oh well! To each his own.

    1. Don't think you will regret going to Silly Al's.
      We have seen as many as 30 rigs in line at the dump station, There is quiet times always and I know when they are.

  10. Thanks for including us in your group. Silly Al's is always a good time.


    1. You welcome, glad to meet you, too bad we did not have more time to chat.


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