Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, January 05, 2018

Blogger fest coming soon and we enjoyed another fun desert day, with friends !

Where are we today ? 
Holtville California
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       More great sleeping weather. mild overnight and love the earlier morning sunrises here in California, this means I can get my walkabouts done earlier in the day. And a quick reminder about Bloggerfest in Quartzite Jan 27th.  If you in the area and are bloggers or Blog followers everyone is welcome to stop by, meet and greet. Put real people to the blogs that you read.
         Now that the sun is rising just after 6 am I got out for my first walkabout. And  enjoyed this wonderful fresh morning air.
nice sunrise from our patio
     Walked down by the canal just because I can . other than the highway noise it was very peaceful.
down by the canal blue water and the bridge  right here
      While I puttered around with our Mr Heater Suzie opened our awning, set up the sunshade and was in her shorts.
9 am Suzie under our awning, sunshade and she was in shorts!
you know it is a wonderful warm day !
        We were having friends drop by for a visit. Len and Brenda (blog followers) we met earlier this fall and were driving on by.  Oscar was here, and Patsy and Bill joined us as  well. Was a fun time to catch up with these guys and Oscar got to meet them as well.
we had a few friends stop by about 1 pm
Early social hour?
eventually everyone headed home and we enjoyed
our e-readers in the shade for a while,
only a few of us for Happy hour, the rest went
 for a birthday party somewhere else
even caught a nice sunset tonight 
         At 5 pm 8 of us headed to Babara Worth Resort for their Chicken wing special, Bill offered to drive, bonus! Thanks Bill.
we here to party with these guys,
 party animals they are !
Tom beside me made a mess, but that's what we do
think he licked the table 
this the place
yup we had fun
      We have been here a few times before, This time the service not as good and the food. not bad, we have had better here. No matter we were fed and we had fun.
got our wings, salad to share and fries, did the trick and we took some home
no problem here
         Back home by 7 pm relax outside posting this blog until after 8 pm temps in the low 60's f so no complaints here.
        Just another desert day, enjoying this great wether and fun with friends.
        Glad that y'all dropped on by and hope your day was a good one as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Happy to see that your life continues to be awesome.

  2. There's not a lot of dining choices in Holtville, but looks like the friendship was more important than where you were. Another awesome day for you, we're starting to cloud up ... sure hope it brings some rain!

    1. No not a lot of choices, but this place has worked for us used to be really good wings and real cheap, not so much anymore, but the friendship worked for us.

  3. Another wonderful day! Food looked good to me and the fun with friends even better. Nice warm temps, just what you are there for!

    1. Yes it was a wonderful day, the temperature, food and friends made it even better.

  4. It was a great day and as for dinner, it is what we make of it and we all made it a fun night out!
    Thanks for the picture of Bill and I, I've saved it to my folder. :)

    1. It was a great day and a fun night out, and we got fed as well..
      You welcome for the picture, thought you might like it!

  5. I hope you managed to get Mr. Heater sorted. Another fun filled day!

    1. Yes Peter, I gave it away to a friend to a friend who wanted to play with it.
      It gave us 10 years of good service so no complaints.
      Getting a Blue Flame heater heater that we have always wanted.

  6. Looks like another couple of enjoyed days. Something about being out with friends, even when the food and service are not what you are hoping for, makes for a fun evening.
    We are both looking forward to this year's Bloggerfest and having the opportunity to catch up with old "faces" and meet new "faces".

    1. It was fun days with friends, so the food and service was nit great this time but at least we got fed and had a few laughs.
      Bloggerfest is always a fun gathering to chat with some new people and old friends as well.


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