Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Arizona Market Place and met some new blog followers .

Where are we today ? 
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        We are really enjoying this weather, have I said that before? I think so, This is why we are here. Got a couple of nice walkabouts this morning enjoy the warm weather in the desert and the sunrise.
the is why we are and loving it
      Below is a picture that Bill took while flying his drone yesterday. Thanks for sharing Bill if you care to see more great drone pictures of  this area and park you can check out his blog Posting HERE.
our wonderful site here
     Then my first walkabout revealed and nice sunrise and clear blue cloudless skies with no wind.
by the office flag is  laying low, no wind
      At 9:30 this morning we headed into the Arizona Market Place. With Bill and Patsy , Bill driving today. Because we all enjoy it here and may as well ride together.
got here before 10 am and not too busy yet, perfect
Bill in the lead Suzie and Patsy behind and me following
up the rear, nice rears to follow!
    We separated and agreed to meet at 11:30 this way we can wander as we like.
free samples here
     Lots of vendors and just about anything you might want is here.
lots of food choices if you like
I did buy some socks here 2 packs for $5.00 that is 6 pairs of very nice socks !
      This vendor below has awnings, dash covers,  window and sunshades , very reasonable and most sizes in stock.
sunshades for your awnings ready to go
quite a few of our friends have bought theirs here
and love them
     Lots of cool stuff to check out here as well.
          Love checking out Wally's world lots of deals be found and we found some.
11 am and starting to get busy soon we be outta here
could not resist this shirt
only 6 bucks 
       Back home by noon for a light lunch and a few more walkabouts , opened our awning and set up our sunscreen. Then we can both dive into our page turners on our E-readers.
a perfect day again only got to 85 F (29C) with no wind or humidity
we not complaining though
       I got an email from some blog followers the other day and they would like meet us if possible, They are from Buckeye AZ and will be in Algodones today. They have been following our blog for years as well and Patsy and Bills. My reply is heck why not, drop by and say hi we always enjoy meeting blog followers.
       We are outside reading anyway, enjoying this weather so drop on by we will be home this afternoon.
Frank and Peggy
    They wanted to meet Bill , Patsy and Clemson as well. Heck they are next door so Suzie sent them a text and they joined us as well. Bill is getting over his cold slowly so he visited for a while then back home to get better.
Bill, Clemson and Patsy
Well we all hit it off and had some great conversation, for a few minutes,
(lol almost 120 minutes)
but time just flies when we are having fun!
No problem we are here for the duration anyway.
now though not needed they brought us some nice new Ball Caps,
from where Frank worked

and some  Date Almond Rolls and Date coconut rolls 
from Datreland Arizona
Oh My these are amazing!
thank you so much!
     Soon time for supper , Suzie's choice tonight was hotdog and homemade fries.
love our fry daddy and the Weber Q100 grilled the dogs
loaded my dog as usual, peanut butter (you should try it), tomato, onions, relish,
mayo and mustard
     Then as this was about done we got to enjoy another wonderful desert sunset.
      A nice ending to yet another great day here in the southwest. Enjoyed the market with friends, picked  up some deals and meeting new blog followers.
      Thank y'all for stopping by and checking us out. And really hope you had a wonderful day as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. It was a perfect day again. We had fun with you at the market and fun meeting new followers at Happy Hour. No way could this day be any better!

    1. Yes Patsy it was a perfect day and meeting new followers was a bonus as well.

  2. Nice sunset pictures.
    Tom and I were just thinking we need to take time to go over to that market. It would be nice to have a sunscreen to attach to the awning. We will definitely have to check it out.

    1. You will really like those awning shades, perfect addiction to your rig!

  3. Lotsa stuff at the Marketplace. You could spend half a day there and not see it all.

    1. That is so true always something there to checkout, and lots of deals to be had.

  4. We love the zip off shade. It's so easy to put on and take off. Of course, not being Canadian, not so fond of the shirt. Love the weather.

    1. These zip off shades are wonderful even though we don't have one. They have been selling a lot of those shirts here, with all The Canadians that find refuge here for the winter.

  5. the t-shirt!
    Paul bought a sunshade this summer. We love it!
    Happy New Year.

    1. Thank you U thought is made sense to me. These sunshades are so easy to use, We can use the one we have for now easy to use as well. Got it before we knew about these ones.

  6. The Marketplace is one of my favorites. I always find stuff I need there, whether I need it or not!!

    Peanut butter on your hotdog? How in the world did you come up with that? I think I'll pass.

    1. It is a great market place for sure.
      I had customers in my restaurant that requested it so I gave it a shot and really enjoy peanut butter on my hotdogs.

  7. Sounds like a fun day! Glad you are having some nice sunny and warm weather. It is always nice meeting up with blog readers and those look like some yummy date rolls that they brought along with them.

    1. Blog readers are always fun to meet and we have met a few , just like you guys.
      The date rolls are very yummy! It was a pleasant surprise.

  8. Thank you so much for your hospitality and allowing us to crash your happy hour! We had a fantastic afternoon visiting with all of you!!
    Peggy and Frank

    1. It really was fun meeting you and glad that you had a great time. You can crash our Happy hour anytime no problem. Thanks for the hats and date rolls, so very much enjoying them.

  9. That is a great shirt but will you be allowed to wear it back in Canada? At least the six bucks it cost will go a long way in stimulating the U.S. economy! ;c)

  10. Allowed or not I will wear it. We do spent quite a bit here for the economy for the 6 months we are here, every little bit helps.

  11. If we were there we would buy one of those sunshades!! They look very nice!!
    The Market Place sure looks interesting....lots to see and buy like a cool shirt!!

    1. It is a awesome marketplace one of our favourites, The sunshades are wonderful.

  12. As they say, sleeves are for sissies. Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New year, I don't wear sleeves when it gets too hot out, old I am a sissy, lol....


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