Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Final day here and more excellent weather, but heading out in the morning , because we can.

Where are we today ?
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       Pretty chilly last night I was up at 5 am and was 35f (1.6C) outside, We are toasty warm under our comforters so no problem sleeping at all. I fired up our Mr Heater and soon quite comfortable inside in no time 70f  (21c). And as the sun came up it really warmed up the whole area inside out, Again a clear blue cloudless sky and no wind, Perfect !
first sign of the sunrise outside our door
     Not long afterwards I headed of for a nice peaceful desert walkabout , really love these wide open spaces,
that big tall shadow is me !
My how I have grown!!
     A bit later I took a drive about town , just because I can , Only 2 miles to town and check out the main street and a some of the back streets as well. Quite a few restaurants , A Family Dollar and a Dollar General. 3 Golf courses, and the grocery store Del Sol. Even quite a few rv parks and retirement villages.
heading down main street west
small green area with Christmas Decorations
      Then I found this beautiful very large town park, Tennis courts, Pickle ball court, playgrounds, picnic areas, basket ball courts, lots of pavilions and green grass.
Pickle ball
green grass!
playgrounds as well
     Back home puttered around for a bit then we had a  nice light lunch, After Lunch I went out to dust off our car and motorhome. Every thing here in the desert gets very dusty , So the solution that I have used over 11 years now is our California Car duster, sure does nice job quickly removing most of the dust.
dusting off the car
then I read for a bit in the shade
   Ok time to move about a bit, Remembered that I wanted to replace a few pop rivets on the divers door that are loose, So drill in hand and the pop rivet gun I drilled out 3 and replaced them now good as new again. maintenance sure helps keep us on the road. While I was doing this Suzie sept and mopped the floor, she loves our new flooring !
this is one of the 3 rivets I replaced 
        Next on the agenda was a quick shower, wash my hair so it is squeaky clean. Got my electric clippers out and trimmed my beard and hair, Suzie does the finishing touches for me. She sure does a wonderful job, now I be ready for Christmas and Santa.
it did get up to 70 F today with no wind at all
so we enjoyed the shade of our awning 
     After I checked our Tires and oil, I headed up on the roof to check my caulking job, reinstall the vent cover and secure our solar panel for travel in the morning. Of course I can read  bit more .
Suzie spotted  this creature  a 100 yards away, a monster reptile maybe?
but it is not moving?
Real or not?
        Soon time for and adult beverage and fire up our Weber q. Gonna grill a couple of large chicken drumsticks on our grill mat for supper tonight.These take a while, but we have time, we have reading to do and warm weather to enjoy. What's the hurry ?
done to perfection
added to our salad and hit the spot
 once agin another nice desert sunset for us
        Another perfect desert day very warm, no wind a clear you skies. But we have been here for 6 days, and want to get settled in for Christmas and New Years. So in the morning we will wander down the road a ways to California and spent some time in a campground with some very good friends for the holidays. I was outside posting this blog until 7:15pm and got it done, Did get down to 55F (12C) so soon time to head inside. The best part of being outside in the dark in the amazing star filled skies. amazing to see . Something we down often get back home in Ontario.
         Glad you stopped by for a peek and hope you had  a wonderfully as well.
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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. It's certainly nice to be able to experience different places. That usually means no boredom. Love the Arizona winter weather.

    1. That is so true and you guys know it for sure.
      This weather amazing we love it too.

  2. Wow what long legs you have!! Pictures don't lie, do they?

  3. Beautiful sunrise pics..that little town looks to be welcoming for older people with the pickle ball and golf courses. Probably really hot in the summer I would imagine. You are really good at maintenance and that's so smart. Enjoy your drive today..always love to see where you end up!

    1. This is a great town for seniors I think it would be most busy here in the winter with comfortable temperatures .

  4. Looks like except for the little getting stuck part, you've truly enjoyed your stay there. Looks like a nice spot. I like the little town, the activity area looked pretty inclusive for everyone and that grass looked inviting. Thanks for the tour. Dinner looked good too. Safe travels!

    1. It is a very nice spot, warm weather and the town just 2 miles away real handy. The grass is nice to see in the desert too.
      Dinner sure was yummy.

  5. I love looking at your sunny pictures while I'm freezing in California.

    1. Thanks for joining us Nancy and hope you get warm soon.

  6. You've had a nice stay there in the desert. Now time for a little pampering and utilities. Travel safe today and keep in touch where in the park you end up. :)

    1. We loved it here will be back again. We will keep in touch and see you guys later today, Travel safe.


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