Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, December 04, 2017

Another warm day just enjoying this area, because we can!

Where are we today ?
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         Another wonderful day  pretty warm overnight windows open for a nice sleep, really gotta love it ! At 5 am was about 57 f and waiting for the sunrise to soon happen. Then get a nice walkabout. Did walk some of the permitted road 1. 5 miles . Stopped by to chat with Deb and Riley (The long Lonesome Road) on my way home. For a bit. Had a very nice morning walk.
this be a bottle tree?
love the scenery around here, lots of cactus
shuffle board courts here as well
campsites with large Saguaro cactus on them
love this area!
        After puttering around for a while and nice a light tasty lunch, we both got into our page turner books.  Enjoying the quiet desert , a few coyotes strolling by (missed the pics) and the wonderful; scenery here that we love.
nice views
this be us so peaceful here
            Soon  time to whip up supper so I prepped a salad, while the Weber Q preheated and put a couple of chicken legs and thighs on the grill plus a 1/2 of a yellow pepper, just cause I could.
just about done and we enjoyed another wonderful desert sunset.
chicken done and a grilled yellow pepper as well
we do love our chicken 
        By the time supper was done it had really cooled down to 55F (12c) with a cool NE wind so no more sitting outside. Gonna be a cool desert night so will spend it inside . Another great night for sleeping. After this blog is posted and we can watch a bit of tv.
         Just another day in the life of a full-time rver. We enjoying the lifestyle and hope you like following along to see how we do it. Now in our 12th year enjoying this lifestyle and sure works for us.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Rest assured that we enjoy reading how your day went on your travels. No matter how our day goes, good or bad, we can always count on a pick-me-up post from you every evening. We look forward to it. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the comment alway nice to hear from you.

    2. I agree with gumo, your blog post are always so upbeat!! Love reading about your day!! Congrats on 12 years living this lifestyle!!
      Your site looks so peaceful and it!!

    3. Thanks again this is just the way I feel everyday, I guess i'm just lucky. It is peaceful and quiet, just the way we like it,

  2. I really need to grill some chicken

  3. Another beautiful day in the beautiful SW! Dinner looked awesome once again!!

  4. What's not to enjoy? I love that bottle tree! It was nice to chat with you today, thanks for dropping in. I agree about the temps dropping fast as the sun was going down but nice and toasty inside. Dinner looked wonderful. We love our chicken as well. Keep on enjoying!,,

    1. It was a wonderful day Deb, the sunshine during the day is perfect, but now when it goes down inside we go.

  5. Sounds like a perfect day to me!!!

  6. What a great day. Cooler evenings for a couple of days but we can handle that.

  7. Like the blue bottles, my favorite color. Not sure what I think of the bottle trees (bushes?) Do enjoy reading your blog every day and seeing what you are up to.

  8. We love the cactus scenery too!

  9. Someone has been very creative with the bottle tree, great idea.


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