Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, December 11, 2017

Another sunny very warm day in the southwest.

Where are we today ?
clic a pic to enlarge it
    Another mild night 58f at 5 am a bit overcast but by 9 am was mostly sunny. After my first walkabout at 7 am back home, shorts on and enjoying the day.
    Just before 9am I whipped into Ajo for a few supplies and home by 10 am, puttered around, another walkabout then a nice light lunch .
    Take the time to look around and so many interesting things to see. The 2 pics below cruising through Ajo on my way to Olsen's grocery store.
the one on the left full of bullet holes?
Gangsters or target practice?
lots of colourful buildings and murals around town too.
      By now we had to open our awning for shade. No wind today and the sun is so intense here. Did get to 81F and a perfect one for enjoying our reading outside in the shade.
our view while reading
Finished another book and started another page turner by
Lee Child, Jack Reacher is always and good read.
       Before we know it the day slipped on by,time to make a salad and prep some spaghetti squash for the Weber Q. Grilling our last large smoked pork chop from home that we will split.
not long on the Q squash and chop is ready
oh so tasty
          And done just in time to enjoy another colorful desert sunset.
in no time at all
the sunsets
couple of minutes after this
        Just the kind of weather we are here for and enjoying another wonderful desert day! Still outside  7pm posting this blog on a very quiet warm evening with star filled skies. Really gotta love it !
       Thanks for stopping on by and joining us here in the southwest.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. George, I see you have Feedjit on your site. I tried to re-establish it on our blog, but it doesn't work. I use Live-Writer and wonder that could be the reason why it doesn't work. I used to have Feedjit earlier (before Live-Writer) but one day it disappeared from my site.

    1. I just use Blogger , sometimes those things go funky and coma back or maybe Live writer messed it up,
      Don't us live Writer on a Mac.

    2. OK, it fixed itself. Miracles happen.

    3. It is amazing how computers fix themselves sometimes.

  2. Gotta love this weather, we are on Ogilbe Road and it is perfect except for the wind which is pretty fierce some days.

    1. The weather is perfect. Too bad about the wind, but we do get that here in the desert hard to avoid sometimes, but as log as its warm we can deal with is.

  3. We've read Night School and although the story isn't fresh in my brain I know it was enjoyable!
    Supper looks good, as usual George!
    Lovin' this weather!

    1. Thanks Patsy.
      We pretty well enjoy all the Lee Child books.
      This weather is why we are here.

  4. Funny how you have so many sunny days in the Southwest... ;c)

  5. Glad you are finally out of the winds, they were pretty brutal again this weekend on the coast. But thankfully let up a couple days to allow CalFire to get the upper hand on the San Diego County fires. We'll now have some of your awesome days!

    1. Glad the winds let up for you and the fires under control now.
      Enjoy those awesome days like we do.

  6. Night School is a very good book, I read it not long ago. Love the two cars in Ajo, we seen those but didn't stop to check them out. I also enjoy all those murals they have around town. Sunset's are wonderful! Dinner looks amazing.

    1. Thanks Deb, It is a great book can hardly put it down. The Murals around town are kind cool and desert sunsets always amazing.


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