Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

What san I say? Love it here minor repairs and wonderful weather.

Where are we today ?
     Today we just gonna have more amazing weather. Sorry to bore you with that.
another wonderful sunrise
love them here in the desert
1/4 Moon and Venus has moved
top right centre
     Fired up our genny for a bit this morning and had a loud rattle so checked it out. hmm let it cool down for  abit and take a better look.
      In the meantime a cruise about town, found a couple friends we know are still here in the area, did not stop by maybe later. Then into the Roadrunner Market pick up a few fresh veggies, they have a good selection and prices not too bad for a small town.
         Back to home dirt, and check out the genny. Broken exhaust hanger for the tail pipe. Hey I can fix that!  Need a slightly larger clamp so into town again stopped at Herb's Hardware they had exactly what I needed only 2 bucks.  Back to home dirt, a bite for lunch and back to the issue at hand.
         Got it done in no time flat, should be good to go now. We find out maybe tomorrow.
New clamp looks good
nice and solid now
           Bonus this morning with firing up our genny for about an hour. We turned on the electric heater, made some toast, heat our hot water on electric and our batteries were fully charged by 11 am from the solar panel.
Batteries fully charged
        Did some checking of the wiring for our towed. Right signal light in the car not working. hmmmm. Looks like the connector to the coach. So tomorrow going back to town and pick up a new one, this one won't come apart, that salt spray last spring did it in.
         That's enough puttering around for today. Need to get some quality reading time in. Awning down in the shade and enjoying the heat, sunshine and the view.
the tree in our front yard
Suzie hard at it
       Then about time to whip up supper. Fresh shrimp kabobs, shrimp marinated in Olive oil and garlic.  Made our salad, preheat the Weber Q  assemble the kabobs and in no time supper ready and so tasty too!
works for us
      As supper almost done 5:20 got to enjoy another desert sunset.
         Fun yes, relaxing yes, do we love it? Yes.
         Thanks for stopping by and I just know you had a great day to.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Your map is looking extremely interesting. ...lots of travel and sites covered there...I read somewhere you 2 guys are hosting a shing-ding soon. I guess there will be loads of organizing? looking great there....

    1. Great weather, that's why we here.
      Bloggerfest is a fun get together in the desert here, for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon, Not a lot to do to put it together.
      Will be nice to meet other bloggers in person.

  2. Sometimes a good squirt of WD-40 or some other contact cleaner will fix those connectors.

    1. I have tried that a while ago, gonna give this a try now.

  3. I'd love it in the dessert too as I tackle frost walking to the station. I saw the quarter moon and Venus this morning against a black sky. Mr Him rang me to tell me to look out of the window.

    1. It is quite interesting to actually see Venus with the naked eye.

  4. Enjoy your time in Q before all the rest of the snowbirds arrive and you won't be able to get around as easily.

    1. We will enjoy it here , even when the crowds are here, I usually get what we need before everyone is out about about. The bug crowds are really only for that one week.

  5. Hopefully at the Bloggerfest you can show me how to get our travel map from RVillage onto the blog.

    1. Will see what I can do, our map is done on Google maps.

  6. If only all RV repairs were that easy! :c)


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