Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015

We had rain last night! Only a bit though. Cruised around the desert for a while and the Grubstake for some BIG fish.

Where are we today ?
Quartzsite Arizona
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         We had some rain overnight just enough to wash the dust off everything, cut down the dust and water the cactus. A few water puddles around and some muddy sections and today is cooler again. But with the sunshine, clear blue skies and out of the wind was able to enjoy some reading outside for a couple hours.
         Around 9 am I wandered about town just checking some of the vendors that are always here. Not too much new and nothing jumped out at me to say "BUY ME".
Some really good deals on LED bulbs now, a lot places can get them for $5.00 our less, I remember the first one we bought was over $20.00  some 9 years ago. Don't really need anymore, we only use a few lights on a regular basis so don't need the expense.
      A few puddles of water here and there but this area is mostly gravel so not a problem.
       Cruised around the Main Event pretty quiet still here but did see a couple old vehicles, kinda neat.
     Then home for an early lunch supposed to be going for an early supper with another couple this afternoon.
     After lunch cruise around our area in the desert for an hour or so check out the rv's and  land yachts here, and different setups here.
now this is a Land Yacht
so much wide open spaces here
just chose a spot to park and set up camp
this pavilion here they have Music Jams,
line dancing and church service
Sunday mornings
washrooms by the pavilion
another cool camper
even phone booths here, but long gone since
everyone has a cell phone
Camp host where we buy our permit
       Cruised a bit more some elaborate sites, nicely set up.
         Now some of these people here for the winter. These 2 coaches below each had 8 solar panels, extra propane tanks and auxiliary generators too. They will have no shortage of power thas for sure.
       Mid afternoon we are getting hungry and the other couple cancelled, not feeling well. No problem we going anyway was looking forward to going back to the Grubstake for some BIG Fish. Its been a few years and have always enjoyed a good feast here. We choose  Monday afternoon no crowds and pretty quiet just the way we like it.
       Got there about 3:30 only one other couple there, perfect. Good service and great food plus happy hour $2.00 pints of draught beer bonus.
the ceiling like we have seem in many bars here
Suzie ordered the sea scallops, very tasty she said.
And me the 2 piece fish and chips,
Almost exactly the way I mad them
in my restaurant, excellent
       Not a bad day at all as long as the sun was shining as it did most of the day, temps in the high 50's but quite a bit warmer in the intense sunshine and out of the wind.
       Back home to read outside until after 5 pm, when it starts to cool down. Another sunset was pretty nice but not exceptional, I think you have seen quite a few sunset pics already.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. $2.00 Coors Light? But then it's not really beer, is it?

    1. Actually all we drink is light beer ( 1/2 the calories) this is 4.2% alcohol we could have anyone of their many drafts for $2.00.

  2. A little rain in the desert will make it bloom, right?

  3. I think Kevin would prefer the Canadian alcohol content in his beer.
    We had rain on and off all day and it hit 59 again but tomorrow it's all downhill.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. This beer is the same alcohol content as we drink in Canada I have checked.

  4. We have never tried the GrubStake, but I think maybe we will next month, as long as that fish wasn't catfish.

    1. It is actually pollock, a very mild fish. As you know it can be a zoo here in January.

  5. Just wait until January. There won't be as many open spots in the desert. The restaurants will be full, lines will be long and service slow. However, back into March and things will open up again. Q sure has its seasons.

    1. Yes we know that's why we are enjoying it now so peaceful and quiet.

  6. I don't think I have ever seen a land yacht. Very interesting indeed.

    We attended church at that pavilion. It was beautiful to be outside and worshiping.

    1. It is a beautiful setting, have not been to a church service but a couple of jam sessions that were excellent.


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