Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Leaving Congress after too much fun, and hang out in Quartzsite for a couple weeks.

Where are we today ?
Quartzsite Arizona
Click on a pic to make it much larger
     Gotta love the sunshine and clear blue skies today here in Congress. But time to move on down the road. We had a really amazing time here with Al and Kelly, touring the area and getting to know them. Amazing that we have so many things in common. Gonna miss the roosters crowing, dogs barking and Pheebie, ok miss Al and Kelly too, but know we will see them again, sometime and somewhere on down the road. Maybe the Bloggerfest that Jan and I are putting together and hope nothing happens and we can be there. Will post a bit more on that in another posting.
      Now as usual ready to hit the road by 9 am no rush today only about 90 minutes to our destination Quartzsite Arizona.
      First gotta get another doggie fix for Suzie.  Pheebie comes running out to visit us. 
of course a treat for her
and a pet from Suzie
       Kelly had been to a few local yard sales for 8 am and picked up some more treasures, good deals too.
love the rooster
couple of nice hand made quilts too
          Now we ready to hit the road, she went back with Al to pick up a couple more heavy items..
Suzie enjoying their porch
in the morning sun
Lots of new cactus for the garden
Love their new treasures.
Huge cactus and old wine barrel
for the garden
           Shortly after 9 am hit the road to Quartzsite. What a lovely quiet country drive, no traffic, great travel day as well. And no interstate rushing.
         Now this in the time to visit Quartzsite (in our mind) no crowds just another nice small southwestern town.
main intersection in Q , no traffic
love it
Over I-10 no traffic.
La Posa west no crowds
      We pulled in to the LTVA purchased our permit for 2 weeks $40.00 US. Went to the dump station, emptied our waste  water topped up our fresh water a found a nice sunny spot not too close to anyone else.  Perfect !
        First thing on the roof to tilt our solar panel charges much better now. Took a few pics while on the roof, really love the desert here and can't beat the price. Quiet too...  Helps us compensate to the high exchange rate for us Canadians. $100.00 Us cost us $135.00 Canadian !!!
lots of space here
solar panel tilted to the sun
this our perfect spot here
we call it "Home Dirt"
        Now relax for while enjoy reading in the sun, our coach positioned to block the cool north wind. Temps in the mid 70'sF perfect !
the view?
        Soon time to fire up our Weber Q, grill a couple chicken thighs and sweet yellow pepper pieces to go with a fresh salad. Enjoying the sunset at the same time about 5:30pm.
love the sunsets here in the desert
chicken and peppers so good on our
Weber Q
Sure did the trick tonight
91 miles today
wonderful travel day
        That was our fun day, time to leave the Bayfield Bunch alone so they can recoup after 3 very fun busy days with them, don't want to wear out our welcome ya know.
       Gonna be somewhere in this LTVA for a couple weeks never quite sure where we go next, just cause we can..
        Thanks for stopping in again and I just know you had a wonderful day too.
         Made quite a few typos yesterday , Suzie  was rushing me to finish the blog so did not get it proof read. Fixed it this morning but ya know what I meant anyway.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Quartzsite will soon be changing. Lots of other snowbirds are heading that way. Then, the restaurants will be packed as will the roadways.

    1. Yes it will be chaanging, we will enjoy the peace and quiet for now though.

  2. Ah...boondocking in of our favorites. Enjoy the quiet of the place.

    1. It is pretty quiet right now, love it that way, but will get busier soon.

  3. Our very first night on the road... we'd just taken possession of our motorhome outside of Los Angelos... January, 2001.... and we got to Quartzsite and stayed the night in the desert. We've been back a couple of times, but it's that first night out that I remember the best. Looks like you've found just the right spot too!

    1. Lots of wonderful spots here, just need to be level, sunshine and out of the wind it's perfect.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your visit with Al and Kelly and that you are comfortable where you are.
    The Weather Guessers are saying we are having mild weather right now but it's still too cold for us. Have to toughen up for the winter so we can better enjoy our freedom next year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We comfortable most anyplace, as long as we have the sunshine.
      Warm days, cool nights perfect.

  5. Have always enjoyed Quartzsite most when the Mad Hatter crowds were not there, Been there 9 out of 9 years so far & will likely make it number 10 sometime this year. Likely before or after the crowds that is..............

    1. Much nicer without the crowds.
      Not sure how many times we have been here, missed a couple years but sometimes 2-3 times a year, before after a during the crowds.

  6. Because you're having too much fun is a great way to leave a place. looks like you have plenty of room in the desert. About three days of dry camping would do us.

    1. We can do it for many weeks, love the wide open spaces.

  7. So glad to read that you and Jan are continuing the new tradition of the Bloggerfest. Hope you have a super turn out and lots of fun.

    1. Thanks guys gonna miss you again, all we need to do is post it and it will happen, no matter what.

  8. Enjoy the 'Q' before the onset of crazyness. Mid-70's temperatures is kind of nice eh? That beats the recent cold snap that hit the US southwest.

    All the best.

  9. Thanks guys.
    It sure does, love the peace and quiet right now.
    We be back for the crayness too.

  10. Looks like you are having a great time. I am staying near my family in Mesa, Az. I would enjoy camping in that area someday and the price is definitely right.

    1. We are really enjoying this as we always do, Come and check it out .

  11. We were there for the first time last year, after the crowds, and we fell in love. After moving a few times we found, what to us was, the perfect site. The quiet, the peacefulness, and the breath taking scenery we are hooked. Looking forward to spending some time there again. Enjoy your time.

    Celebrating the Dance

    1. So many wonderful places to set up camp here and we like them all.


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