Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

Friends dropped in to say hi and will stay for a while.

     Another wonderful day, does it get much better, we just love the desert! Wide open spaces, blue skies, sunshine no bugs, no humidity, no reservations, warm sunny days and cold nights. Mind you no water, and no sewer but we know how to conserve and manage, for us it is worthwhile.
       Got a couple miles walking early this morning as the sun rose. Then at 8 am into the laundry did a another quick load of laundry, Forgot to the sheets yesterday. Love this laundry here wash and dry in 1 hour cost $2:75. Needed to pick up a couple more things anyway.
       Again in town for a loaf of bread I forgot, and picked up a few souvenirs for the grands spotted this Big E motorhome coming down the road. Hey its the Bayfield Bunch sneaking through  Q. heading westward on I-10.
       Suzie got her doggie fix today with John and Barb's puppies, Piper and Hank.
Suzie and Hank
Piper and Hank
Piper on my knee 
     Then this afternoon we got together for a nice Happy (social) hour late afternoon before time to make supper. So nice to catch up with these guys again.
happy hour
     Then time for supper. Preheat our Weber Q , whip up a salad and about 1 hour on the Q for our cornish hen, done to perfection as usual.
Cornish hen on the Q
tasty yes
sunset tonight
       Now our day is done, relax for a while and call it a night.
       Thanks again for stopping by it was another great day.

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  1. There is something to say about being in the middle of the desert in wide open spaces. However, you look all bundled up and cold. What's with that?

    1. Now really cold about 70f but Suzie always wears her hoodie and long pants Especially around the dogs.

  2. I love reading about your social life ;-) Since we don't have one I live vicariously through yours... meeting folks I whose blogs I read and putting faces to names. Love it!

    1. We don't often plan these social things, they usually just happen. Always nice to meet up with people in our travels.

  3. It's nice to be visiting with friends who share the RV lifestyle.
    Hope you took time to wave as The Bayfield Bunch rolled through Quartzsite.
    Woke up to a white parking lot but it's starting to clear up.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We frequently meet up with friends on the road.
      I did wave at them but they did not see me.

  4. We LOVE the desert too George...
    Nice gathering of friends...enjoy! So cool to see Al, Kelly and the Pheebes!

    1. We always enjoy meeting up with people.
      It was such a coincidence that we saw them again.


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