Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Now this is much better weather!

Where are we today ?
           Another wonderful day no wind !! Sunshine, blue skies and temps in the high 60's = perfect !!
           We had thought about going to the Arizona Market Place, but we like to go early and was still quite cool and really nothing we wanted or needed. Much nicer to go on a very warm morning.  So canned that idea and hang out here, we will have lots more chances to hit the flea markets this year.
           I headed out for a few groceries back by 10 am and we decided to pack up our Christmas decorations. So nice outside. That done and a bite for lunch I cleaned up our Weber Q, (was pretty sandy from the wind storm). Got out my California Duster and dusted the dust off the car and the coach. Nice thing here it is just dust, no need to wash the vehicles.
        Now I am on a roll with this wonderful sunny warm day.  Shorts on, shirt off and cut my hair and beard outside  (Suzie does the final trim for me).
       Then with the hot sun, roll out our awning to get some reading done outside in the shade, again love it!
that's me  my Birkenstocks  with my socks on!
hmm... not cool, but do I care?
yep it's nice here
     Then at 2:30 a text from John and Barb, their week here was done and they moved to the LTVA, BLM land behind us, invited us to drop by for Happy hour on this wonderful day. So hopped in the car with our chairs and stopped in the check out their new "Home Dirt" right behind the resort.
That's Pilot Knob right behind them
another nice spot here
Can see the Imperial sand dunes clearly today
Suzie with Hank 
Piper on my knee
         A nice visit with them then home for supper. Fire up our now clean Weber Q and grill the one smoked turkey sausage and the single turkey burger in our freezer. Add that to a tasty salad and the rest of our pasta salad, sure did the trick.
Then another wonderful desert sunset
          Was actually a great day, overall. The wind gone and sunshine with blue skies back, just the way the desert usually is.
           Had a lot of comments yesterday about Bloggerfest and looks like will probably do it at La Posa south LTVA, there is washrooms there. More info to follow in the future. Lets keep it simple right?
         Thanks for stopping by again and hope you are enjoying great sunny, warm weather too.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. I'm not so cool either. Always wear socks!

    1. LOL, it helps in the desert your feet don't get so dirty.

  2. Glad to see you are finally getting the weather you like and the final details ironed out for Bloggerfest 2016.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. This is the weather we enjoy here, perfect.
      Bloggerfest will come together, no problem.

  3. Stopped by to see you,glad you were enjoying a happy hour, we will try again one day!

    1. That is the first time we left here in the afternoon, sorry we missed you love to see you again.
      Nor sure where you are or we would take a drive out wherever close by.

  4. Crikey ..... birks and socks!!!! All you need now is some lederhosen and you'd be a true blue German.
    Who got the sausage????? That'd be MY choice!!

    1. Ha ha thanks Charlie where or home area is Kitchener Ontario actually a German settlement , many German club and Huge Oktoberfest Celebrations.
      I got the sausage, yummy .....

  5. Looks like the weather is finally cooperating for you. If it'd cool down just a bit here, we'd like it a little better.

  6. Socks with sandals? Not weird, just setting a new fashion trend. ;c)

  7. Sounds like you are having a nice relaxing time. We are parked in Tonopah, AZ right now and our 5th wheel was rocking on Saturday. It seems dust is the constant companion of living in an RV, the winds just add to it. Looking forward to the Bloggerfest and getting to meet people sounds like a fun time.

    Celebrating the Dance

    1. Yes we are trying to relax, the wind and dust are part of the desert but the sunshine and mostly warm sunny days makes up for it, in our opinion.


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