Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Sunshine, warm, very windy, and tour about downtown Truth or Consequences, fun yes !

Where are we today ?

       This morning we got up early as usual and just have to love the view out the front window of our coach, right across the lake and eventually the sunrise over the mountains.
wonderful sunrise 
morning walkabout
lotsa bunnies here everywhere 
         As we headed out drove down to check out the beach camping, would be amazing in the summer with groups of people $8.00 a night dry camping.
         Later this morning ( 9 am) we wanted to take a visit into town (T or C) for a walkabout and just check it out. It is small town about 6,000 people about as big of a place that we like to visit. And the feeling here just puts us back into the past. Old buildings, old motels, hot springs and colorful retro shops in the old town area, kind of a touristy place but not big time. Plus the New Mexico scenery is wonderful too. We could spend a lot of time here in this area, but not this time sure it is a come back to place.
          Lots of hot spring places but all are commercial entities pay per use. Don't need them that bad.
stopped here for some info,
but the Spaceport tour is about $45.00
per person! Not for us.
how about Freeze dried ice cream?
Maybe on the moon,
we had a sample
           Then wander about the historic downtown for a while. Early and a Tuesday morning a lot of shops don't open till 11 am or only on the weekend, but very interesting colorful buildings.
when pigs fly
need to go?
hmm not here
"Truth or Consequences New Mexico, (the locals call it T or C)was  originally called Hot Springs obviously for all the Hot springs in this area. But was renamed after a publicity stunt back in 1950 when the producers of the then popular Radio show wanted to hear from any town or city that would be willing to change their name. There was letters from several interested cities and "Hot Springs" was chosen. And onApril 1st 1950 the show was produced in T or C with a huge fiesta and the town still celebrates this fiesta annually."

       We had made quick stop at the Walmart  in T or C, love the parking lot! All covered and shaded with SOLAR Panels, wonderful. Only a few minutes here but did find a good deal on this Flatbread, looks like a good idea for supper tonight.
Pretty good deal for $1.99
            Home for lunch and putter around for a while, nice, bright and sunny temps close to 70f but the 25 mph winds we could not hide from! Did manage to get some some e-reading outside a few times, couple walkabouts and even a few minor projects done inside. The scenery here just does it all, gotta love it!
the marina in the park, pretty quiet today
right across the lake from us
         Soon time for supper, way to windy for our Weber Q with 25 mph winds even with our wind screen to heat up the pizza/ flatbread. So preheated the oven, added a few toppings and popped in the oven.
added a salad and we had a feast
           Now another great day we had here in New Mexico, not sure what we do tomorrow, but whatever it is we will enjoy the day.
           Thanks again for stopping in and really hope your had an awesome day too.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. As you know, we are on the road and I have finally been able to catch up on your adventures. Have never been to T or C. If it's warm and there are things to see stay a while and enjoy. From my reading, you are having a great time.

    1. We are having a ball and so are you. Couple days here and time to move on down the road again. Most likely come back again, nice area.

  2. Down below the dam is a rather nice free campground provided by the State Park.

  3. We've seen lots of parking with solar panels but never in a Wal-mart lot. That's interesting for sure. Too bad you can't connect your RV and boondock with solar.

    1. Our first time for a solar parking lot other than the College of the desert Palm Springs area.
      We have a Walmart in Waterloo, Ontario Canada, with the roof completely covered in solar.
      The whole store runs entirely on solar.

  4. $45.00...that is crazy!
    Isn't that the cutest little town. What a great idea for parking at WM.

    1. Yes too rich for our pocket books.
      It is a 4 hour tour.

  5. Casa Grande has every school and public building has solar panels on the covered parking.

  6. Those pizza's look really good. Sounds like you're not yet south enough for the hot temps you really like.

    1. The Flatbread was very tasty, can't beat the price.
      Thats ok we are enjoying the journey, thats what its all about for us.

  7. 45 bucks? Are you sure the tour was for the port and not a blast off tour of outer space? ;c)

    1. Yep, you can check it on line and a lot of the tours are sold out.


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