Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sat. Nov. 13th 2010 St. David AZ

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer,
since August 2006
fresh cinnamon bun
      Once again nice, bright clears skies. Morning coffee then a short walk to the clubhouse for a fresh cinnamon bun to share, yummy. After this we headed into Benson to the SKP Rv resort to check out the yard sales that whole park was having. This is a huge resort with wide paved roads and a huge clubhouse. We managed to check out most of the sales and talk to a lot of people in the three hours that we were there. Some very good deals to be had but I think the best deals were scooped up already, the items left either we didn't need it or the wrong size but we did pick up some more books and a nice electric heater for $2.00.

      On the way back we stopped at the farmers market in St. David, but mostly crafts there, still interesting checking things out. Then back home for a light lunch. Puttering around enjoying the afternoon sun was nice just cleaning up our compartments a bit. I also notice a real nice looking completely restored Dodge Chinook Motor home,  I'm thinking about 1970 vintage.

Harry's Truck
      Around 2 pm the Cochise County Sheriff, Search and Rescue truck  (otherwise known as the Sheriffs posse) and trailer pulled up in front of our coach. Out of the drivers door comes a a friend of ours Harry from Sierra Vista AZ, whom we met in the Imperial Sand Dunes of California in the spring of 2007, and a few times since then. They had taken us out in the sand dunes and introduced us to a bunch of family and friends (mostly San Diego Police Officers) in the spring of 2009, our second time in the dunes. We attempted to get together with him and his wife while here, but she just had an operation and they were quite busy but he did have time to stop by for a nice visit after a search and rescue mission was wrapped up earlier in the day, in Wilcox AZ.

      After this visit we were able to relax for a bit in the sun with a book and read a while. Then my craving for some chicken wings overtook me so supper was a nice feast of wings, fries, celery, carrots and dip. Then chat a bit, read and a bit of tv, before calling it a night.
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Gammons Gulch Benson AZ, 2006
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