Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mon.Nov. 15th 2010 St. David AZ

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      Monday morning and another bright sunny Arizona day. After posting our blog, morning coffees and a walkabout , I did some research trying to contact a family friend (so close we called him Uncle Jim) that I have not heard from in a about three weeks. And to my astonishment found out he had passed away Oct.25th. He was in his 84th year (a life long bachelor) and for the last 4 summers we visited him at his cottage in Haliburton Highlands (he had spent every summer on this lake since he was 13!). We were there 2 times this year and enjoyed his company, a swim in the crystal clear water, stories and tours he gave us of the lake. We reconnected with him a few years ago after loosing contact in the late 1960's. Him and his mother were very close to us back then and I remember a lot of sunday dinners and good times at our cottage with them. After we went full time 4 years ago he became a faithful follower of our blog and commented on a regular basis about places we were, telling us his adventures and many travels all over North America and the world. We even shared a few jokes and updates on our lives and weather via email as well. He will be missed.
Jim and Suzie touring the lake, 2008
      After this sad news I went shopping in Benson for a few groceries then back home to putter around. On Nov. 11th I had installed a new piece of plexiglass on our screen door with some real neat clips that I thought were great, (no holes to drill). Well no matter how much I tightened them every time we closed the outside door one would fall off, not good. So scratching my head and two minutes of studying the situation, I re-engineered the installation. In other words I drilled a hole and screwed each clip in place, problem solved. This project completed a new neighbour pulled in beside us so we chatted with them for a while getting acquainted, then relaxed in the afternoon sunshine to read for a while.

       Now before we knew it was time for supper so I assembled couple of turkey breast fillets lightly browned and simmered in some low sodium cream of mushroom soup, served with a rice pilaf and broccoli with a bit of cheese sauce. Then we chat for a while, relax, read, and a tv show before bedtime.
tasty turkey fillet

      Thanks for dropping by.

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Gammons Gulch Benson AZ
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  1. Sorry to hear of your "Uncle Jim" passing away. I'm sure the memories you have will keep him alive in your hearts.

  2. So glad you had your specials visits with Jim this past summer.


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