Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Biker's arrived , sunny and hot, and the baby geese are flying !

Where are we today ?
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        Hey we having more wonderful hot weather ! Only got to 85 F (29C) and was humid , but heck we have shade and a nice light breeze, not too shabby at all. We in shorts. t-shirts sandals and not doing anything much physical.
        The early morning walkabout the park was refreshing and noticed that the Canada Goose babies have grown up , Also noticed them flying now, (did not get a pic though) soon they be ready to fly away and leave the area and head south with us, until next year.
hard to tell the babies from the adults now 
         After puttering around for a while enjoyed our e-readers then friends of ours dropped in for a visit (Roland and Lori) and we offered them lunch.  They arrived just after 12:30. They are making a slow tour to the east coast and back on their Motorcycles, from Dryden in Northern Ontario.
heard a light rumble and yes they had come in the gate
right to our site
        Parked their bikes and settled in for a wonderful visit.We met them 2 years ago in the BLM land in Holtville California. They were camping with Oscar and Judy, (Lori's parents) who we met at the same place 10 years ago. They are from Dryden Ontario.
getting caught up with Lori
      After a bit I fired up our Weber Q to grill a gourmet meal. LOL. Hot dogs (with all the fixings), potato salad, coleslaw and Timbits. An easy quick lunch.
not long the dogs are done
     Ok a group shot with everyone eating but heck thats what we do.
sure hit the spot, give them fuel to carry on
     Then a few Timbits for desert, from Tim Hortons ( a Canadian Donut, Coffee franchise). Basically donuts holes of various flavours, very tasty. 
tasty Tim Bits
      After a couple of hours getting caught up with these guys they wanted to get back on the road again. I think from here they headed over to lake Huron and north on HWY 21 up the coast to Goderich to spend the night there before heading further east.
       Now before they go we have to take a group picture or 2 and some shots of their amazing motorcycles.
There we are
     A couple of shots of Roland's new Indian Roadmaster an amazing bike it is.
all the bells and whistles, and it sounds amazing
would I love this Bike? you betcha,
should we own none? not likely
       Ok this is a close as we will get, sit on their bikes and feel the comfort of these beautiful machines.
Ok Suzie, ready to head on out!
Lori's Nice new Victory, nice and low for short legs.
Suzie says nope I don't know how to ride one,  oh poop.....
but she looks good on it.
        Felt good for a few minutes though, but had to give them their motorcycles back so that they could hit the road again,
They all suited up and ready to go 
off, off and away they go
By for now guys travel safe and I just know you will enjoy the journey
         I just know we will see them again in the southwest agin this coming fall or winter, either in the California, at the BLM land or in Bullhead city Arizona, maybe even on the road in our travels.

         They were gone 3 pm get an hour or 2 riding and call it a night. Then we just kicked back to read in the shade for a while.
            After a bit Tucker dragged Gerry over for Happy hour. Tucker wanted a treat from Suzie and Suzie wanted a Tucker fix.
treats for Tucker
while sitting here Tucker noticed the Bunny beside the cabin
tried to catch it a few times, but not quite, good thing.
I  think if Charlie was here he could have done it and 
we would have grilled bunny!
         Then Maya dragged Walt here and wanted a Suzie fix, a treat too of course.
Hi Suzie
oh that feels good
         So now the dogs play and the people chat, another nice visit. We do solve all the problems of the world ya know, and don't even discuss politics.
jump up Maya
Tucker and Maya both get a treat, spoiled dogs ? Yup.
      Ok Happy hour over, time for a light supper. We don't need much after our tasty filling lunch, How about a couple of BLT's? Bacon, Lettuce Tomato sandwiches. We use tasty turkey bacon.
a few minutes on the Weber Q, perfect
BLT. a few chips and a couple pickles,yup that his the spot.
       We had a wonderful very warm sunny day, enjoyed some great company right here at Rock Glen Resort. Sounds pretty good to us.
       Glad that y'all dropped by and hope you enjoyed a wonderful summer day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Bacon and tomato sandwiches, perfect for this time of year. And those hot dogs look scrumtious!

    1. The BLT was a nice treat and like you said perfect for this time of year

  2. I enjoy your blog always very interesting. I am needing new authors to try and I am wondering what books/authors that Suzie likes. Thanks and have a good day

    1. There is so many she like mostly action mystery book, D. Baldachi, J.Patterson,L.Barcley, L. Child, W.Berhardt, H. Coben, M. Connelly, R. Cook, E Crais, J Patterson, J,A,Jance and list goes on.. so many good authors out there.

  3. I'm jealous that you had baby geese, we have lot's of adult geese in our park but they go elsewhere to have their babies. But we do get lot's of baby ducks and they are way to cute!

    1. The baby geese are cute and grow so fast,, nice that they usually stay in one are, keep the mess confine, Baby ducks are quite cute as well and not quite as messy

  4. Our geese didn't have success with their eggs so no babies but the adults disappeared long ago. They'll be back next year! So glad Lori and Roland arrived safely. She had mentioned that they were going to go see you even before you invited them. They are truly having an amazing trip!

    1. The Geese here every year seem to have good success, 8 babies this year they love the ponds here. So glad that they stopped by for a visit sure was fun.
      An amazing trip for sure just going with the flow and no real schedule to follow.

  5. You both look good on those bikes! How good those hot dogs and sides looked for me hungry at 6 am! hah.

    1. Thanks Guys, these are amazing bikes and feel so comfortable.
      Lunch was a rare treat for us and we enjoyed it.

  6. Our pups love to travel and the youngest one was given to us at an RV park. What a surprise. It was sick and took some time to get it back in health. Now she is a happy, healthy, and playful dog.

    1. That was a nice surprise and great that you are taking care of her now.

  7. Looks like Suzie was made for that bike...looking good Suzie!!
    Tucker knows where to go for those treats and a good head rub!

    1. I thought she looked pretty good too but she is not interested in riding a bike.


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