Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Yuma Swap Meet. Happy hour and Bloggerfest update

Where are we today ?
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       Another sunny day here in the desert, yep cool night and by noon very hot days in the sunshine. A cloud come by it's cold, not much different that previous years in our opinion and we have been here  for most of the last 9 years.
       After a quick trip into town for groceries, home by 9 am then John and Barb picked us up to go check out  the Yuma Swap meet. Always a fun place to check out. A very large flea market Mexican influence is major and we always enjoy checking things out looking for bargoons. Nothing we needed but still a fun couple hours.
Yuma Swap Meet
deals to be had
John found 1/2 of what he wanted,
But Barb said no !
Neuves (ice cream)
         Now I found a couple things I wanted to buy for Suzie below, Hmm. new jeans and new shoes,
         Not in my lifetime she says. Well they looked good here I thought.
and these shoes would be great for hiking right?
hmm guess not....
how would you walk in them?
tools and stuff
hot dogs wrapped in bacon and cheese.
not too healthy
kinda cool but where would we keep them? 
         Now a few old cars came in for me to look at, can I buy one of those? Hmm maybe later shes says , well at least I can look right?
pimp your ride
nice rat rod
         Looks like the middle mannequin below has a sprained ankle, ya think?
beer $4.00 at 10:30 or anytime don't think so
         Saw signs for fish Tacos $2.00 sounds great so ordered 2 but when the came they were beef. Asked the girl and she said sorry no fish tacos, so ate them anyway, tasty but really wanted the fish. No real problem will tide us over until we get home for lunch.
Tasty tacos a light snack one each
         We got back home by 12:30 had a light lunch and headed out for a walkabout in the desert. Got on 2 miles in today, but better than none. I have a new app on my new tracfone that tracks this for me kinda cool, not bad for a $10.00 smart phone.
desert walkabout the resort
        Now for quality reading time here in the sun. Wow it sure is hot in the intense sunshine here. Shade too cool and sun too hot, but we manage to suffer a bit. No sunburns here.
        And noticed this afternoon a lot of toy haulers coming nack her to put their rigs back in storage. Saturday afternoon. not sure why but lots pulling back in.
Pickup , 5th wheel and a trailer, lots of these guys around here
        Then we agreed to get together at John and Barb's (in the desert LTVA area behind us) with Denis and Sandy shortly after 3 pm for Happy hour. And as usual the conversation never stopped. Always fun to share travel experiences and all that great stuff that rver's  all have in common. Even theor Desert neighbor Steve stopped by and jumped right in with us.
Suzie, Steve and Denis
love the wide open spaces here on the desert
Of course doggie fix for Suzie with Piper and Hank
       Sun begins to set, temps drop time to head home. Tonight with all our leftover Turkey had a craving for a Hot Turkey Sandwich. Boiled potato we shared and some fresh corn we had frozen last fall.
quick easy and tasty
       Then as we eating another desert sunset right out our dining room window. What a perfect ending to another perfect day.
         Thank for stopping on by and really hope you had a wonderful day too.
         Just a reminder of Bloggerfest Sat. Jan 23rd anyone who wants to stop by and meet face to face some of us Blogging people that you may have been following. So far Looks like we will find a spot in La Posa South in Quartzsite, couple miles south of I-10 on 95. It is Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA) that you don not need a permit to visit for the day and there is some portable toilets in the area if you arrive without your RV or in your car. Just bring a chair, your beverage and maybe a snack to share, maybe even an extra table or 2 would be nice if you have one.
        The exact location will be posted a few days in advance and will try to make us easy to find. Hope you can make it this year.
        And feel free to share this poster below on your blogs, facebook, Rvillage, twitter, emails  the more the merrier. So many friends out there that we have  not met yet, let's have a good turnout.
          Hope you can make it!

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. I think it's a really good idea to change the location of the Bloggerfest to LaPosa South. For one they have facilities available and it's easier to find. I'm sure it will be a great success. Wish we could be there.

    1. Thanks for your input Jeri, you will be here in spirit. You made it such a great success last year.

  2. Just wondering if we bring our trailer..can we spend the night for a fee..knowing we can't stay 2 weeks?

    1. Best check with the office there their fee is $40.00 as far as I know.

  3. Poor John...Barb must really run a tight

  4. I have to laugh when I see those kinds of jeans... and shoes. Guess I'll stick with my baggy shorts and floppy sandals.... I aim for comfort... not grossing out folks ;-)

  5. I believe the fee is $40 for two weeks, not $40 per night.

    1. It is for 2 weeks I don't think they have a rate for one night.

  6. Maybe that mannequin sprained her ankle trying to walk in those high heeled shoes? :c)


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