Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day 2 at the Big Tent and Tyson Wells, enjoying some amazing weather. Love the southwest!

Where are we today ?
           Today is another great desert day temperatures warm 50 F and in shorts by 9 am. the sunshine here is always amazing and hot.
        At 8:15 this morning  I took our RoadMaster tow bar over to their the service area that they have here get it cleaned and serviced. No charge and all done in 10 minutes while I waited. Good to go for a while longer. It is 10 years old and serves us well.
Roadmaster service tent
         Back home before 9 am and we decided to take another walkabout the big tent for a bi t and cruise Tysen Wells across the road. Nice and easy to walk there from where we are camped. Total there and back about 1.5 miles. With the sunshine was a great tour.
        Lots of vendors just like we have seen in the past, Lots of people here but the crowds a bit less , works for us !
        Stopped by the big tent to pick up a few more free samples of Minute Rice love free!
not too crowded= perfect
this dog snoozing in the sun on a chair
        Lots to see  and not much we need but still a couple hours of walking and looking in the sun. Gotta love it !
Quartzsite fire department here, just in case
relaxing on the grass with a sun hat
        As usual the food court is always busy lots of options here. But much more than we want to spend for a light lunch.
Hats ?
Mexican ?
            So we home shortly after noon, for a light lunch. We have food here and only a few minutes away. Then we can enjoy our e-readers in the shade of our awning. That's what we love to do in the afternoons.
           Chat with a few neighbours and enjoy a wonderful sunny day. Them on the roof to take a couple pics of our neighbourhood that is being invaded for a few days, Lots of rv's here now. But they will be gone in a few days too as we will.
      Then a bike ride about the desert just cause I could for a couple miles. Some amazing  high end rigs here. Check out this Newel Coach and matching trailer below.
bikes resting now
         Time for supper fire up our Weber Q grill a couple pork chops to go with our salad and some pf the free Jasmine rice that we picled up today
the jasmine rice is very tasty
      After supper noticed one of these lighted bags flying in the air over our site. Can't remember what they are called but pretty cool.
      A picture sent today from my son of our newest Granddaughter  Neko now 2 months old, what a cutie! Gotta love the internet !
     Thanks for stopping by again and don't forget to mark Bloggerfest on you calender or post on your website. If you in the area stop in to meet some fellow bloggers.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. First and most important -- Neko is an absolute doll!

    Looks like the weather may have shifted. Ours has turned not so pleasant at times and it looks like yours is warming up.

    There's a lot to see and buy in Q this time of year. The problem is we don't need all that stuff. There was a time we thought it was cute and we wanted it but hauling it around and putting it up was something else. Enjoy yourselves while you're there.

    1. Thanks we think so too.
      Our weather is great no complaints here, Not much we need here either, but enjoy checking things out. No extra stuff needed here.

  2. What a darling granddaughter you have! About those balloons... if that's what I'm thinking, we've come across 2 of those where we're at here... was told you write your wish on a piece of paper (or maybe just on the balloon), light the candle for heat... and it floats off into the air, and hopefully you'll get your wish. Do you think that's what you saw?

  3. Hey geo and suzie. Great to see your photos. Its just like we are there too.(Good thing there are digital cameras) Thanks for your response to my note from Tres Rios. Ellie says hi too...hope to see you on the turn around. We will be home in the first week of April...Bill and Ellie

    1. Thanks for the comment, we be home April 13th. stop at Tres Rios on the way.
      Glad all is going well.

  4. My ladies are anti boondocking but the opportunity to be a short walk from all that stuff might sway them for a few days.

    1. Works for us too, and save a lot of cash by doing this as well.

  5. Are there really any deals at the show George? I know you seem to find them but others I have spoken with seem to believe (from personal experience) that the deals are had to find.

    1. They are hard to find you just need to check things out and know you prices.

  6. Huh, we have a granddaughter named Nico. She will be 19 next month.

    Those lighted balloons are illegal in Quartzsite.

    1. Now the second time I have ever heard that name.
      I guess somebody did not read the rules.

  7. last year they came around and asked us not to send up " luminarios". This year they didn't ask, so we se t one up tonight in honor of Glen Frey

    1. Thanks for clearing this issue up it was very nice to see,


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