Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, January 11, 2016

Quartzsite fun, sunny but a bit cooler today, love the sunshine!

Where are we today ?
          Up early again as usual (4:30am) clear skies overnight so kinda cold until the sun comes up. Got from  33f to 55f  by 8 am,  in no time flat. Gotta love the desert here. First thing a cruised about, fill our RO water jug and talked to Bob's generator to repair ours. Then over to R Lifestyles and talk to the generator repair guy there. We have an appointment at RV Lifestyle for Wednesday morning. I like BOB but he is more expensive than Rv Lifestyles and they treated us well with and reasonable with our furnace repair. So that's where we going.
This is where we are for a while
      Cruising around town lots of great vehicles and rv's  I saw today. You see it all here in Quartzsite.
dune buggy traffic
      The Big tent  from our site not too far to walk.
Beer Belly's 
Adult Day care
 Tyson Wells lotsa vendors here. Not as many as before but still lots to browse. Maybe more next week and of course more crowds.
the big tent be busy next week
lots of rv's for sale
 Many interesting and retro ones to see or buy as well.
lots of vendors but not crowded yet
Need stuff they have it here
food they have that too
love this old Chevy major dragster
nice an quiet right now by the BIG TENT
        Then at 2:30 we went to visit our friends John and Barb from Ontario, we were invited for "Happy Hour" Nice to see them again and Suzie got her Doggie fix with Hank and Piper. They are all over her.
     Had a nice visit but shortly after 4 the sun is setting and the temps are dropping, time to head home. Fire up our Weber Q grill some boneless skinless chicken breasts to add to a salad for supper. Had an extra so great for lunches,
Nice sunset as the chicken is done,
perfect timing
very tasty sipper and lotsa leftovers too
      And another reminder of Bloggerfest on Jan 23rd. looks like we may have a location at La Posa South very close to the portable (permanent)  toilet there. John and Barb are very close and we are welcome to invade their space. They are rver's for many years but not bloggers. They follow a few blogs but will be joining us anyway.
    Glad that you stopped by for peek today and I just know y'all had a great day too!

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. You are right. You do see it all in Quartzsite. I love seeing all the "unique" RVs. Some are really nice and some are just fun to look at.

    1. Always so many different things to see here never a dull moment.

  2. I think back to being a Quartzsite last year and I am happy that we went but we really don't have a desire to go again. Unless of course we are in need of some RV items. :-) It was definitely interesting but certainly not our kind of thing. Sure loved the Blogger Fest though and I hope this year's one will be another success.

    1. Quartzsite is not for everybody, but we enjoy it here with everything handy, and interesting things to see.
      I am sure the Bloggerfest will be fun again, always nice to meet fellow Bloggers.

  3. Glad to see that your wife got her "doggie fix". That is the first thing I do when I get up in the morning is let my pups give me a doggie fix.

  4. Bill could just park me at Beer Belly's and go to all the tents he wanted to..... I'm not much of a shopper and crowded shopping makes me claustrophobic... yeah... Beer Belly's is fine... do they give you chips or nuts or something to help pass the time?

    1. haha, sounds good to me too. Think you can buy snack but they do have live entertainment most of the time, that is pretty good.

  5. I think you'd better pace yourself a bit so you survive your visit to Q without wearing yourselves out! ;c)

    1. Oh we do like to pace ourselves not need to do it all in one day we have litsa time, One day at a time amnd enjoy it !


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