Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, January 21, 2016

We at La Posa South and have a spot for Bloggerfest

Where are we today ?
La Posa South Quartzsite Arizona

We don't have a gps to give you the coordinates
maybe these other guys do, will let you know 

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         This morning we moving on down the road a couple miles to La Posa south. Got to the dump station at 8:20 am only 8 rigs in line. That's fine we in no hurry the day is young and we can read while we are waiting in line not going anywhere . Much shorter than 19 rigs later in the day. By 9:20 we had refilled our fresh water then set up camp near our friends John and Barb.
Heading south on 95 to Yuma
early morning line up
these different ultra lights flying over, kinda cool
         We secured a spot for bloggerfest and  Toni and Doug (Palamine) arrived about noon and we met with them . What a great couple they are.
         Set up here to the left of the of the  first restroom  1/2 mile past the entrance permits are only need here to stay overnight.
the rest room in on the right
vear to the left 45 degrees 
just up here a hundred feet or so turn left
Thats us dead center
Toni and Doug in the left, John and Barb middle
we on the right
thats us
Lotsa room here
           We all relaxed enjoying this beautiful very warm day. Happy Hour at 2:30 today so we can all get acquainted, ok it became 2 hours but we had fun. Meeting fellow bloggers.
Doggis fix for Suzie

Toni and Doug
now the dogs settled down
      Time for supper Pan fried Tilapia and a tasty salad.
perfect meal to finish a perfect day
         The Internet was not working last night at all, guess too many people on line. First time this has happened this year. It worked fine here before Christmas. But no problem not too many people on line when I get up shortly after 4:30 the internet working lightning fast right now.
          Thanks for stopping by again enjoy you great days too.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. I'm sure it'll be a wonderful event. It looks like even the weather is going to cooperate. Add a few balloons and no one will need the GPS coordinates. Enjoy yourselves.

    1. Toni has some balloons that we will be putting around.

    2. I figured Toni would have thought of that! She's good at stuff like that!

  2. Thanks for the good directions. Really easy to find. I also made a post today talking about how to get there. See you Saturday.

  3. tell Toni and Doug hello from John and Sharon here is Florida...

  4. Okay folks here are the GPS co-ordinates. 33.619 - 114.207 and I will post them on my blog.

  5. Having fun with friends and pets in the desert is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy yourselves. The good food helps, too.

    1. Yes it is wonderful and the wreather awesome too.

  6. I know you told me what you did for the internet in the states, but I forgot. I have a Canadian friend who is having withdrawals without internet.

    1. We have a Verizon MIFI, no contract we use a refill card everymonth.

  7. You are not far from us. Just might see you.

  8. Thanks for the GPS co-ordinates. I plan to run over for the day.

  9. Sure looks like a fun place to be right now! A person could get their "people fix" that would last a whole year ;-)

    1. That's for sure Sharon think we will have had enough people fixes..


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