Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, January 15, 2016

Lovely Sunrises and sunsets and even though it cool it is very hot in the intense sun here.

Where are we today ?
          Much milder last night because of the cloud cover and a lovely sunrise this morning.
        Then a drive about town before the traffic starts to fill up our RO water jug, check out a few places and back home by 8:30.
this Radio Controlled flying club is
a busy venue
          Now a walk over by the big tent to see everyone getting set up here too. Traffic is building, as usual that's why I head out early for stuff and we can walk to most of the vendors in this area.
           When I got back our friends from Alberta Jim and Sharon stopped for a short visit, parked their car here and walked over the Tyson Well's. That way no parking issues and traffic to deal with.
          Got our bicycles off the coach and got a very nice bike ride around the desert here for about an hour, I could ride for hours and hours here If I wished.
some very nice remote areas to camp
but further back more atv's, dust and noise
         Got some really good reading time done in the sun too and out of the wind, Even though it was 62f the intense sun makes it extremely hot, gotta love it !
          Then about 3 o'clock were invited over to John and Barb's for Happy hour at La Posa south. So over we go and Suzie got her Doggie fix too.
Hank and Piper love Suzie
            By 4:30 cooling down a bit so home we go, about 2 miles, fire up our Weber Q 100, whip up a salad grill a couple Turkey Garlic sausage and heat up a bit of left over sauerkraut to go with it.
sausage and kraut
       Now where we are parked (home dirt in the desert here) we get beautiful sunrises and beautiful sunsets right from our Patio. How can you not love that?
        Thanks for stopping by here in the desert and if you driving by stop in to say HI. Hope y'all had an amazing day too.
         Eight more days to Bloggerfest if you around the area stop on by to meet some Bloggers that you may have been following but have never met yet. Next Wednesday we will establish the exact Location so check back.

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. You are going to need a rest by the time you leave Quartzsite. See you soon!

    1. We will have lots of quiet time down the road. Looking forward to seeing you again. Travel safe.

  2. Last year we bought a second hand bike at Quartzsite, then precised to ride all over town. It was wonder for us both to have bikes again. The roads are to busy here at the moment to get them out however and no bike paths close by! :-(

    Have you walked around the park with the remote control planes are. It really is a cute little park that was made to honor a young girl that had died.

    1. Too much traffic for me here to ride around town right now, but do enjoy riding around the desert areas here.
      Have been to Celia's Rainbow Garden a couple times years ago, probably get back again this year as we will have time after the show. And even talked to Celias' father at the Oasis book store. Did you meet Paul too?

    2. He is a very interesting fellow to talk to, but you get distracted by him not wearing any clothes. Accomplished musician as well. A real character in this quirky town.

  3. WOW....another exhausting day of doing absolutely

    1. We have had a lot of practice over the last 9 years, almost have the lifestyle perfected !

  4. Looks like another good day in the desert

  5. I don't want to meet that Paul at the bookstore unless I have my eyes closed. :cO

    1. That's the way Suzie is too she looked him in the eyes and he is a very nice person. Apparently he was a male stripper back in the day


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