Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, January 04, 2016

Remembering the past and moving on to today.

Where are we today ?
        What do we have here in the desert today? Overcast and a light rain pretty well all day. And that's because  I washed a polished the coach yesterday. So it's all my fault, right?
         If you read yesterday's posting we saw a lot of sandrails (dune buggies) on trailer's here in the park. Well that brought back memories of when we spent time in the dunes Feb. 2007 and 2009. My blog postings were much different back then only one a month with links to pictures if you care you can shuffle through them by clicking 2007 HERE  and 2009 HERE .
        But I did copy a few pics from 2009 when we stayed with our friends we met in 2007. This time we were included in their group of 13 rigs, many dune buggies, desert jeeps and sandrails. Mostly all San Diego Police officers or retire ones, yes we felt  very safe for sure.
        A huge friendly group and we were included in most of their activities. Including some very thrilling (and I mean actually scary) rides through the dunes.
Part of our circle
some very amazing sand rails here
the scenery breathtaking
out for a ride,
stop to enjoy the scenery
this was a very steep high hill !
       That was a great flashback and so glad we have it all documented on our blog.

       Now today just a few things to do stock up with some food items that are not readily available for the next 6 weeks we will be wandering about the desert. Gluten free rice crackers we like and non-alcoholic beer that we enjoy.
        Then home for a light lunch get our laundry done and heading out in the morning to visit some friends and some desert dry camping (LTVA areas) we will end up in Quartzsite in a week or so and be there for a while, and Bloggerfest, gotta do it ya know get the word out there and let people know if you like.
         Today laundry done, tires checked, fresh water topped up and even got some more reading done, while doing laundry and outside, when it was not drizzling.
today's skies, but it will get sunny again soon
     Then around 3.30 pm fired up our Weber Q gonna grill a 3.5 lb chicken, got a good deal only $3.62 US dollars ( $5.00 Cnd) but will work for us. Wind screen up grill preheated and not much more than 75 minutes, use our instant read thermometer , that I have used forever, can pick them up everywhere for 5-10 dollars sure takes the guesswork out of cooking.
165 f done to perfection
perfect supper and lotsa leftovers
       A very productive day and ready to move on out tomorrow. Think we are going to be heading to the Hot Springs by Holtville Ca for a few days. Enjoy the hot tub and visit with some rv friends.
       Glad you stopped by again and I just know you had  great day too.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Those buggies look cool and I am sure they are lots of fun to ride in but they make way too much noise for us which can distract from a great hike.

    As Kevin mentioned in our blog yesterday we are going to have to get ourselves a cooking thermometer.

    1. They are fun and mostly noisey, we went out in Harry's Jeep which was very quiet.
      Thermometer a very good idea. Especially for poultry.

  2. Another great day of having fun.
    I can taste that chicken just looking at the picture.
    We have two of those thermometers.
    Be safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Cooking thermometers are fabulous. I have a wireless one that I use in the BBQ and also in our smoker. They take the guess work out of knowing when food is done.

    Can't believe it's been so cold in Arizona. We've had it so hot here but looks like it's going to get much, much cooler too. :(

    1. It was a requirement when I opened my restaurant back in 1989. so just got used to using it all the time.
      The temps are in the mid to highs 60's I don't find that cold at all, and in the direct sun its very warm. Not sure where you see its going to get much colder. This weather is perfect.

  4. Paul would love to ride in one of those dune buggies. Me...not so much. It looks like fun, but I am sort of a scary cat.

    1. Just to tour around the desert is amazing, constantly changing scenery and dunes.

  5. Those look like some serious sand riding machines

  6. Bill would love those 4 wheeled critters... me.. not the noise! But we'd both go for that chicken!

    1. Some of the 4 wheelers are very quiet, no louder than a car. Then there is the the ones with very loud mufflers.


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