Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Hot Springs, Holtville California, dry camping and visit with friends,

Where are we today ?
Holtville California
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          This morning we putter around for a bit Walkabouts etc, then secure the coach to hit the road, Going to the Hot Springs LTVA near Holtville California. 36.5 miles about a 40 minute drive. So on the road about 10:45 am Arizona time and arrived there at 10:25 am California Time, sure made good time eh?
this we going today
        As we packing up a lady stopped by to chat for a bit with 2 very wonderful dogs Suzie got her doggie fix again!
love the Blue eyes on the black dog
and of course Suzie's favorite
         Now heading west and passed by the Imperial Sand dunes that are pretty quiet today being a weekday, overcast and drizzly.
love the dunes
         We had bought our permit at Pilot Knob good for 2 weeks  $40.00 US dollars ($55.95 Cdn). Pulled in here to the area where our friends are and set up camped right near them. 5 couples (maybe 6) we know 3 from Northern Ontario, 1 from New York and 1 from Washington. Last time we stopped to see them was 2 years ago so will be nice to catch up again.
In now time we all set up 
          One of our friends Don and Ailene are all set up here for the winter. lots of solar and batteries they have it made !
        And I got a walkabout around the area. The Hot Spring   as popular as ever on a cooler day, the water is amazing. Maybe I get there tomorrow.
Love the Lagoon here in the desert 
we have lots of space here
on the roof tilt the solar ,
looks like we will stay for a few days
couple of pics from the roof 
         Got to read outside for a while this afternoon and Oscar stopped by to chat for a bit . Nice to catch up with him one on one.
        Then at 4 pm the ladies returned from the casino bus and Happy Hour evolved. At Roland and Laurie's toy hauler. Perfect place today just cause of the cool drizzly wet weather. 
        We all there in 2 rooms, women in the front and the men in the back. But at least we were comfy and dry.
conversation flowed nonstop,
so nice to get back together
      Soon time to head home for supper. But no, no . Laurie has made meat Pies for everyone. Plus dessert  and we already had snacks. So no need to go home for supper. It was so tasty and an unexpected threat. Thanks for your hospitality !
Meat pie was awesome
          Then eventually time for us all to head home.  Great times , fun conversation and full tummies.
What a great time we had with these guys again. Even though it has been 2 years feels like yesterday!
         That was it for a fun day in the desert many more come.
         Thanks for stopping in again!

This where we went today
36.5 miles

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Glad you're enjoying the warmth of the desert and not the coolness of Ontario.
    I have plans on increasing our solar panels but have no intention of using them for window awnings. That is truly someone who lives off the grid a lot.
    That was quite the social gathering you had with your friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Doesn't look like there was any "warmth of the desert" in this blog post!

    2. It was a very nice day temps in the mid 60's and overcast and so nice to see everyone again.

  2. It may be drizzly and chilly, but I'm betting that rain feels really good to Californians!

    1. The rain was nice, and it was not really that chilly.

  3. looks like another spot, Holtville California, that we will have to check out

  4. Looks like a good day catching up with ole friends. That one rig definitely looks set up for boondocking and getting plenty of power.

    1. Yep their trailer does not lack for anything in the way of power.

  5. It's funny that you can go years without seeing friends and then meet up and it all starts where it left off like no time had passed! Fun days ahead! Hope the weather cooperates!

    1. It is funny that way yes.
      As long as it's not freezing we love the weather.

  6. I've always thought I'd like Holtville. It's the hot tub I like. We've driven down there a couple times and taken advantage of those hot springs. Nice!

  7. I just love hot springs (and hot tubs, too). Great way to relax! :c)

  8. Are you staying for the Carrot Festival? We had planned on doing Quartzite, then the Carrot Fest ... alas maybe next year. Looking forward to your pics, as we've camped in the area many times.

    1. We going to Quartzsite than may come back for the Carrot Festival this year. Love the area.

  9. Ahhh the Village doesn't look any different then the last time we were there back in 2010. We only stayed there a few times and then moved over to the other side! The fence around the hot springs is new - or new to us anyway. We enjoyed the town of Holtville but the hot spring area seemed to get a little - well - small town like....

    1. The fence has always been here as long as we have been coming.
      Holtville is a nice small town.
      You are right about the Hot Spring, I don't get involved in that just take my hearing aides out , lol....

    2. I think the fence was put up after 2006/7 when also major renovations were done at the spring.

  10. George, would you do us the favour and go to the very back of the CG and find Ron and Betty at their RV? They are from Ontario. It's a Newmar Dutch Star White, older model one slide-out and they would have a wind tent next to their RV. Usually they camp to the left of the road up in a corner. They are either having their black Jeep or their orange metallic Honda MC with them. Greet them from us, line them up for a picture and send us the pic or, even better, put it on the blog. We would love to make contact with them this way. Tbey don't use the internet. THX!!!

    1. That would be great see if I can locate them and get the picture for you guys.
      Tomorrow I will go searching for them.


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