Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, March 27, 2015

Hockey Festival for 2 days in Whitby Ontario.

Where are we today ?
       Another cool day again just below freezing and more light snow fluffies. Up too early again but raring to go. No rush just puttering around a bit, made a couple chicken sandwiches for lunch and headed out to Whitby Ontario just 100 miles down the road but on the other side of Toronto. Left about 9:30 stopped at Picard's Peanuts again for some treats and especially more Habanero Peanuts for me.
163 kms (101 miles)
love these double decker commuter buses,
make an awesome rv I think?
           About an 2 hour trip including the stop, no traffic issues and checked into the Motel 6 about one mile from the Iroquois Sports Centre  which has 6 ice pads and 2 indoor pools. We were here last summer with grandson number 1 for his Lacrosse tournament. If you missed the Lacrosse postings last August 2nd you can click HERE. was a fun time staying in the parking lots with the kids camping out and all 5 grands here as well.
           This is for the OMHA (Ontario Minor Hockey Association) Pizza Pizza Hockey festival.  For Grandson Number 4. At last count there was 72 teams registered to play and will be a great time for all I am sure. Sure good for the local economy with people from all over here for the weekend. Each team has 3 games, our first tonight at 8:15, tomorrow 10:15 am then 5:15 pm. We are not in our Rv yet but are least we are getting away for a bit and more family time as well.
this is the place 
a huge complex 
this gull not too shy
         We managed to a get a room at this Motel 6 about a mile from the centre (closest one actually). Rate including taxes $82.00 not cheap but compared to the Holiday in across the street at $180.00 it was a bar-goon. The room is neat and clean, cable tv, queen bed, nice shower and free high speed wifi, thats all we need is a place to sleep. Wish we had our coach out yet but would have cost more than that in fuel to park in the parking lot for one night, and still kinda chilly out.
very convenient for the night
       Next door is a huge Canadian Tire store that I had to check out, and right across the parking lot from our room is five eating places Kelsey's Roadhouse, Sunset Grill, Subway, Swiss Chalet and Harvey's. Then the next parking lot past there we have Wendy's, New York Fries, Mc Donald's and Tim Hortons all convenient if we need to eat and we will, so many choices and we very seldom go to any of these places.
        We had a very nice relaxing afternoon, got a few walkabouts the area though kinda chilly to walk too far, some reading done and head out for supper, think we will try Kelsey's tonight. Before the Kids get here later. They eating on the road but will definitely be here for the game.
       We had an awesome supper at Kelsey's Roadhouse next door,  excellent beer battered fish and chips for me and a seafood alfredo for Suzie. Good service, good food and reasonable prices (not cheap but reasonable) sure can't beat that. Lotsa food but not enough leftovers to take with us.We do treat ourselves occasionally, especially when I don't have our kitchen with us. Probably even again tomorrow as well, we will see what the gang wants then.
Kelsey's Bar we early so not too busy, perfect
excellent fish and chips,
nice creamy coleslaw too
Suzie enjoyed her Seafood alfredo as well
      They should be here soon now, so will post this now for today, gonna be a late night so will update at some time tomorrow hopefully.
       Thanks for the visit again and hope you had an excellent day too. Is nice that we can get away even if just for one night!
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Winter.


  1. WOW! You folks sure pack a lot into your days! What a busy winter you've had. But... really? still freezing? ARG!

  2. Like a mini holiday to go somewhere different - those fat chips looked yummie.

    1. Love movin about and yes the chips were excellent almost as good as the fish.

  3. Wow, you are busy people.....enjoy your break from the purging.

    1. It is a nice break, not long enough but still nice.

  4. That double decker bus would make a great RV. Just think you'd have an upstairs. The problem might be the overpasses on the highway you wouldn't fit beneath.

    1. Would be interesting thats for sure, but think you would loose some basement storage.
      The over passes in some areas and tree branches in a lot of parks that we go as well.

  5. You'd have plenty of room in that bus RV for a gourmet kitchen! :c)

  6. That would be a bonus for sure !


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