Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, March 02, 2015

Remembering Tucson on a sunny mild day.

Where are we today ?

        A nice sunrise on my morning drive and milder temperatures again. Yep looking good.  forecast could be iffy. But will see how things progress.
this was at 7:30 this morning, time will
 change this weekend I guess, nice sunrise though
        We have been missing the southwest this year, but glad we can relive some of the great places we visited, thanks to blogger. So will share a few pics of out tour this day below.      
        One of the fun things we toured was Old Tucson Studios a movie set where many western movies were filmed. This was Dec 17th 2008.
Suzie strolling the sidewalks
me dancing with the cowgirls
Chinese laundry 
She locked me up! 
Want to file your claim?
great western shoot out
was another fun day
        After Suzie took her Dad to see her Mom I fired up the snow blower again, and cleared some more access to the back yard.  The snow is getting wet and therefore very heavy, too much for the snow blower.
       Then to the walking track. Got another three miles done there today. At least I can get some walking done inside but not too exciting, takes 36 laps to do 3 miles. Was getting dizzy!
       Suzie heading home time to whip up supper. 
       Tonight some huge shrimp that we have, and use up some bow tie pasta thats here. This is how I prepared the Alfredo sauce same as I did last week for the salmon. You can check out my Alfredo Sauce if you care just click here.  
spices and shrimps being sautéed
       Then put it all together add a tasty salad and we are good to go. Maybe a cherry tart later on,  just cause I had to use up some cherries. 
Shrimp alfredo and a salad, sure hit the spot
       Glad you could take the time to visit, just another day here in the "Great White North". But heck its getting warmer every day! And the days are longer too. Ya know how it goes, "One Day at a Time".
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Winter.


  1. We visited Old Tucson and Desert Museum many years ago but figure it's time to go again.

    Days are getting longer but you need the snow to go away and warm sunshine to come out.

    1. We may get back there someday too.
      The sun is getting warmer, love it.

  2. No sunshine here again today... but your dishes of food let me see plenty of color! Lovely!

  3. Suzie should put you in jail for dancing with that cowgirl...hehe

    1. She picked me I was just watching the show.
      I served my time.

  4. We enjoyed the Tucson Studios when we were there in 2012. I behaved and didn't find myself in the slammer, unlike you... :cD

  5. too bad you aren't here in Tucson but at least you are eating well...

    1. We do have to eat may as well enjoy it.
      Our spirits are there in the southwest.

  6. you make your Alfredo sauce from scratch or ????

    1. Not anymore.
      For the little bit that we use now, a jar from the store does the trick. Just add some good stuff to make it better.

  7. Good travel memory relived in this blog. Sure beats moving snow.


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