Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Memories of the Florida Keys Nov 2012.

Where are we today ?
       Still looking back on some warm sunny places we have been, waiting for spring time here in Ontario. What a great way to spend a cold snowy day.
        Today is a few pictures from our postings back in November 2012. After we went to the Good Sam Rally at Daytona we spent 2 weeks in Clermont Florida a membership park for $10.00 a night. We ran into a few rv friends there and they told us a new Membership park in the Keys. That would allow us to stay there for one week free with full hookups! So a quick change of plans and we hopped on the road for the 360 mile drive to Fiesta Key Resort.
         It was a nice park,(not great) not too busy early in the season, but we had a wonderful view of the ocean from our coach. And gave us a chance to explore the keys for a few days. The water front sites are $120.00 a night without a membership! Gotta be kidding. We like free.
Just coming of the bridge into Fiesta Key
a nice large sight we had , one row back
from the waterfront and nobody in front of us
here we are waiting for the sunset, right across from our site
then a day trip into Key West
         We had not been here since 1993, off a cruise ship when we were on our Honeymoon. Still looks the same, great people watching with interesting sights and history.
our sightseeing trolley tour
      We always enjoy these narrated tours, a quick way to get information and see the highlights. And we could get off and on the trolley anytime and get a later one at designated stops. Great way to see the sights.
love some of the quirky sights we saw
      We got off at a few stops and walked around checking out various things of interest.
of course had to take our picture here
Southern most point on Continental USA
        Then the next day we met up with a couple (Blog followers Jim and Sharon) from Alberta that we met in Desert Hot Springs California a couple years ago. Invited them over for Happy Hour and a Thanksgiving Turkey dinner I cooked up for them. they brought another RV couple from British Columbia with them that we met (Rolph and Johanna).
enjoying a nice Happy hour, before supper
I roasted a nice 12 lb turkey in our oven
and we had all the fixings including
desert Johanana and Rolph brought.
Love this sign, says it all!
wish we were there

      Ok thats enough reminiscing, back to reality for a few minutes.  Warmer weather today just below freezing, but the forecast is snow, about 4 inches or so and some possible freezing rain and ice pellets. Hmmm, not fun anymore.
      But I got my morning roadtrip to Plattsville done before this started, solved all the problems of the world with the locals there. And a blog follower saw my car at the garage and stopped in to say HI. She reads our blog every morning and have known her for years! Thanks Debbie for the nice chat! Great to keep in touch.
heading back home
        Because of the weather and driving conditions, Suzie's Dad called and said no trip to the hospital in Kitchener today. It is only 25 minutes away but on the expressway, not really great driving conditions.  So she had a relaxing day, her Dad came over to work a bit in his workshop, (only 2 blocks away) and I went to the indoor track, just about a mile a way. Got 3 miles walking done, not many people there, so nice and quiet.
this is the expressway, pretty icy, windy and slippery
        Back home, relax and read for a bit by the fireplace, chat with her dad and time to whip up supper. Going to finish the rest of our Bratwurst that we had in or freezer from last spring we picked up at Swiss Meat and Sausage  in Hermann Missouri last spring. Excellent products they have here and lotsa free samples too.
       Tonight three sausage left so just going to fry them up in coconut oil with, with some garlic, onion, mushrooms and peppers. Add that to a bit of steamed asparagus and a salad  sure did the trick again.
yep was tasty and even some leftovers too!
      Thanks for stopping by again and reliving some of our past adventures with us, and of course taking a peak at where we are right now. Hope ya'll had a great day and keeping warm!
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Winter.


  1. We had the same trouble as you did at the Southernmost place in the U.S., we couldn't get a clear shot without other people getting in the pictures. There was actually a line of people waiting to stand next to it. :c(

    1. There was a long lineup here too, we just wandered over to the bench and someone offered to take out picture, good enough for us.

  2. I have a picture of me at the same place.... and the same year I had my picture taken at the northern terminus... Hwy 1... up at Ft Kent, Maine. Yes, awesome travels, indeed!

    1. Excellent, we were in Maine many many years ago.

  3. I think we lucked out. We actually didn't have to fight off too many people to get our picture at the Southernmost place. Still raining off and on here in the desert. Hopefully we'll see the sun again tomorrow. I stir fry sausage and veggies often. One of our favorite dinners. But next time I'm going to remember to put some garlic in it.

    1. Your rain will stop soon I am sure.
      We love garlic and it good for you too.

  4. We were there quite a few years ago but don't think we took a picture. Thanks for posting your Florida memories especially when we're thinking we may head that way. I'm going to have to look up that Fiesta resort on the Keys. I wonder if it's an RPI resort or C to C. That would be a good find because we certainly wouldn't pay $120 a night for any site!!

    1. It was and ROD resort but think it is no longer a membership park, new owners. There was a C to C park a little further south where our friends stayed.

  5. With our dreary skies the last two days, the sunny photos made my day!

  6. Wishing we could send you more of this wonderful weather but from the looks of things that white stuff might be slowly leaving you soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yep it will be slowly leaving, getting warmer everyday.


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