Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Remembering Mazatlan fun , and of course some Canada stuff.

Where are we today ?
         With not much interesting happening here right now in Ontario, other than hurry up and wait for the house to sell. We are enjoy looking over a few pics of our warm winters I'd like to share with you. Well I guess you don't have to look if you don't want.
        We stayed at Tres Amigos Campground on Stone Island (Isla de la  Pierdra) for 2 months right on the beach, about 6 miles of quiet amazing beach all to ourselves and a few friends. Winter 2009-10.
       This particular day we had 2 friends arrive on a cruise ship for the day and we agreed to meet them and tour around Mazatlan.
        We met them first thing in the morning walked to El Centro Market and nabbed a pulmonia (open air taxi). We got real lucky, he spoke very good english and agreed to tour us around Maztalan, narrating as we went. Telling us some stories about different things and playing some great music on his stereo from the 70's. He toured us around for about 5 hours thru different interesting areas, thru the golden zone and stopped at a Starbuck's so the girls could say they had Starbucks in Mexico. Oh by the way this whole day of narrated site seeing cost us the equivalent of $20.00 Canadian for the 4 of us !
our pulmonia
      The one amazing stop that he had timed perfectly was just in time to watch the cliff diver. It was a sight to see!
there he is waiting for the prefect moment to dive
If you look closely, you can see him looks like he is
 heading into the rock cliff, but he emerged safely 
        After here we hopped on the penga (water Taxi) and back to Stone island. First stop at Pizza Benji's for a cold beverage or 2 and his amazing garlic shrimp pizza.
love it here
        Lunch done then back to our campsite to play in the waves for a while with some borrowed wake boards.
perfect ay for the wake boards
then of course relax in the sun for a while
enjoy the warm rays
even checked out our favorite blanket vendor
we actually bought 4 from him.
Still use ours everyday on our couch
       But alas time to return the girls to their cruise ship and they sailed off into the night. And the sunset.
another perfect Mazatlan sunset
        This afternoon we had some free time and wanted to visit my Ma. The visit was almost good though she does not know that we have been there before and slept most of the 90 minute visit we had with her. But no issues and was nice to see her again.
        We are having action on the house here in New Hamburg a showing today at 5:30 pm and another at 6 pm, meaning we should not be in the house. So change our meal plan from slow cooker to fast forward. Took the pork tenderloin and veggies out of the slow cooker, veggies on to boil and sliced up the tenderloin to saute' with onions a mushrooms. Thickened the broth and served with some steamed asparagus sure did hit the spot!
yep did the trick
       But now at 5:30 pm we have to leave the house for an hour or so. Our choice is around the corner to a neighborhood pub. The Waterloo Arms in New hamburg.  It is a British Style Pub, typical pub style fare and nice atmosphere for a pub here in Canada. But a place for us to hang out for an hour or so and enjoy a pint. Never been here before so a good excuse to check it out.
      So a pint each and  and an appy that we did not need, beer  battered mushrooms with a ranch dip. Special tonight and a good price, so we just went for it! Did we need it? No! Was it healthy no! Was it good and tasty ? Yes. Ok, moderation right? Its been a long time since we did this.
Was a great way to spend and hour or so
 with my honey.
        Now back here at the place, agents have been her, we can now relax for the eventing and see what happens, 2 more showings tomorrow, yep we be busy, in and out.. 
        Glad you took the time to stop by again and make a comment of you have the inclination.  
Hope  ya'll have an awesome day!
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Winter.


  1. What a perfect day.

    Sometimes you just have to live on the wild side....hehe

  2. Ah yes... those little hair-dryer taxis ;-) Actually, that beer and mushrooms looks pretty good....

    1. Those taxis are a fun ride, and the pub fare was a nice treat.

  3. We love the Pubs. Those are close to the top of our list when looking for a different place to eat.

    Those little beach places are great for spending some time in the winter. Mazatlan is beautiful.

    1. The beach places are wonderful, most pubs are about the same just with different decorations, but we enjoy them too.

  4. Great way to spend the day makes you feel like you are still there. The bright side is the Temperature is supposed to be going up for you this week.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Lucky me, I am still here on the Isla de la Piedra and can attest to it being just as beautiful as George remembers. Now that the road is almost paved you will have to come on down again.

    Great news on the showings. Bet you will have that place sold very soon. But be careful what you wish for as you may be out in the snow sooner than you plan to.

    1. So nice that you are still there enjoying the great weather.
      I would like to head back there but ultimately up to Suzie.
      4 more showings today, so lots of action. We have a plans A,B, and C if we have to leave soon so no problem there.


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