Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More family fun in Niagara Falls.

Where are we today ?
       We both had a great night's sleep and actually slept later than usual, no doubt due to our later than usual night having fun with the family.
       So a call from them 8am want to go for breaky, and yep we will join them. Spend  some more time with them. A couple blocks down they decided to take the kids to I-hop. So thats where we go.
this is the touristy street here in the falls
and we were only a block away
        So many choices and we were there in good time. Placed our order and had a feast.
our princess actually ate this whole Belgium waffle!
Looks yummy
        Suzie and I split this breakfast below and was very tasty. Service was great , and the food excellent, pricey a bit but we are in the tourist area and we wanted to join our family, it was their tour.
We split this breakfast
      After breaky next door is a very interesting mini golf, "glow in the dark", but they chose not to play too many other fun things.
cool mini golf
        Downstairs the arcades and of course another money pit but they really did enjoy their time there.
riding Harley's too cool
she found her thing too
         While they did more video stuff we wandered down Clifton Hill to the Falls. Wow was it a brutally cold wind. The rain last night was actually much nicer but we did it today in the daylight.
American Falls 
Skylon tower
the Canadian Horseshoe Falls
      Then we made our way back up the hill and actually stopped in an Arcade just to warm up a bit, like I said the wind was brutal even though we were dressed very warm.
Looks like Frankenstein likes Burger King
Just had to take a pick of the upside down house,
if you care here is the link
        Now here is a view of the Niagara Falls Casino and the indoor water park, water park link is HERE.
its all here
      A tourist trap and bottomless  money pit if you care. But we can wander about and just take in the sights and have fun with the family. Works for us.
       We checked out of our room at 11 am relaxed in the lobby with our e readers for a bit till the crew got back, they did Ripley's Believe it or not and the kids loved it.
       Now just chatting with the bunch and getting them all wound up for a nit with a very nice visit, still a very cold wind outside.
The Princess is a real swinger!
       Back for the 2 pm game and it was very exciting! Non stop action that we really enjoyed.
first goal scored but our team
        Then they were in the lead 3-1 other team came back and tied it up! Then in the last minute were in the lead 4-3. They pulled their goalie, our team had a penalty so it was 6 players for them and 4 for us. But they held their own! Ending up 4-3 they have won 2 of their 3 games so they may or may not play again tomorrow.
congratulating their goalie he did an amazing job
      Well we done here for now so head back to New Hamburg. We had too much fun and they do have a team diner tonight so we will not see them anyway AND we have another hockey tournament here in Plattsville tomorrow and Thursday. We are getting our fill of hockey and great family times all at once.
       In time to fire up our Weber Q, grill a couple Salmon burgers, in thin buns and a tasty salad, we can then relax and enjoy some down time for a bit tonight. After a fun couple family days, resting up for more.
      Glad that your came on by for a peak and hope you had some fun times today as well.
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Winter.


  1. There's no vacation better than doing it with family. Enjoy and savor every moment. Those grandkids grow up.

    1. It was a great time, and yes they do grow up so fast.

  2. The Grandchildren will always remember you attending those games when you were here. It will make an unbreakable bond.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I am sure they will, always good times with them.

  3. The falls have thawed out a bit I see. I think they were pretty much frozen right over about mid February.
    Have to say, that was a lotta waffle. That kid can eat.

    1. It will be a while yet for the ice to melt, but there are warmer days ahead.

  4. We always love visiting the falls...never gets old! Glad you are enjoying time with the Family!

    1. Thats right, always interesting to visit, especially with the family.

  5. Interesting seeing those pics of the falls..... I guess ice and snow can be beautiful afterall ;-)

  6. The falls look awesome in winter. Looks like you are staying plenty busy.

  7. Well even though you didn't get away from the cold it sounds like you had a great time checking out Niagara Falls and all the touristy stuff and spending time with the family and that is all that matters! :-)

    1. We are getting some wonderful family time in thats for sure.

  8. Sounds like that was a nail biter of a hockey game! :c)

    1. It sure was a great game on the edge of our seats the whole time!

  9. You've just created some wonderful memories for those grandkids.

  10. Even though you two had to go back to your snowy home, look at all the memories you are making with the kids. What fun!

    1. Thats right, fun there and fun here, just colder than we like.


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