Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015

Niagara Falls a Romantic Retreat ?

Where are we today ?
      This morning we are heading out to Niagara Falls Ontario, (a 90 minute drive) known as a great Honeymoon place for many years. Now it is a major tourist trap, we have been here quite a few times times over the years, but this time to watch a hockey tournament. Daughter number 1, SIL and the grands will be here so we will finally get to see them. First time since we got back to Ontario in January. 
       Grandson number 2 is playing and is really the first time we have seen him play hockey. Thats so sad but we just have not been able to get around to it for various reasons.
      On the way we stopped at Picard's Peanuts to pick up a few specialty items that we enjoy. Chip nuts for daughter, blazing hot habanero cocktail peanuts , just for me and a few other items.
amazing the different flavors of penuts you can bu
       Then on to Niagara Falls and the arena for a 12:15 game.
Daughter #1 made this sign to cheer on the team !
he shoots he scores !
not our grandson thou
then we have the new wave cheering session ??
are they watching the game??  not...
       Well we watched the game and it was fast moving and a lot of fun.
they were defeated 3-1 in the first game
           Checked into our room and wandered abut town for a bit.
this where we are
      Liked this very expensive car stopped at the intersection cost more than a new RV!
             Now we are close to all the touristy stuff so wandered on  down there with the kids, gonna go for supper.
hey thats me!
Suzie and our little angel.
Family restaurant the food was pretty good but service slow.
I had 2 choices #1 was fish, sorry sold out , oh poop,
but they did have chicken wings so all was not lost
we shared a small caesar salad
chicken quesadilla for Suzie
We walked down to the falls
and got  a quick picture was raining pretty hard
      Then back up Clifton Hill to our hotel and our room. hung our coat to dry and visited with the family for a bit before time to hit the hay.
        Did we have fun? Yep we did. Romantic get away? Sure was.
         And yes we still having fun.
        Anyway time for me to go to bed, way past my bedtime... good night....zzzzzzzzzzzz 

If I made some typos sorry me tired....
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Winter.


  1. Had to laugh at the cheer squad all playing on their's the new world - all over the world. Shame is they will never know any differance. ...nothing to compare to like older generations. Glad you both had a little time away.

    1. It was a busy fun day we had.
      The new electronic generation, you are right they will not know anything different.

  2. Typical today of the kids on the little handhelds. What fun you must have had. We tried to talk our SIL and daughter into going to Niagara Falls for their honeymoon. We were paying for it. No deal because they wanted to go to Disneyland instead. So, after the wedding Terry and I went to Niagara Falls. You're right in that it's the place many folks go for a honeymoon.

    1. The falls are nice to see though, hope you enjoyed.

  3. We have not been there in years. So glad you got to see this grandson finally play a game.
    I saw pictures of falls on TV. They look so lovely. The rain not so much.

    1. It was a fun day and a bit of rain no problem at least it was not too cold

  4. The perfect place for a break plus you got to spend time with another branch of your family. Not only are the wee ones addicted to their devices but lots of older folks. So many times you see everyone at a table at a restaurant merrily typing away. Why bother going out together for a meal in the first place? Soon folks are going to forget how to converse.

    1. The table beside us in the restaurant was doing exactly that all 4 adults, not one word was said.

  5. Touristy and all we loved Niagara Falls. Glad you guys got away (well sort of) and had fun with family. Good times.

    1. It was a great time and so close to us too.

  6. Tell the truth, was your trip for your grandson's game or those habanero peanuts? ;c)

    1. The destination was the game, but the Habanero peanuts just happened to be on the way. Picard's do have a store fairly close to us here.


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