Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, March 06, 2015

More memories of the Southwest, just can't get enough of it.

Where are we today ?
         Well still pretty cold here today -29c (-20f) this morning so more warm travel memories. But the sky is blue and sun is shining.
          Our first winter in Arizona (2006) we stayed in Benson AZ for a week or 2, just love that area and took in a couple of local attractions. First on my list was to visit Tombstone and we went there with another couple we met. Tombstone is a fun place to visit but very commercialized.
Suzie and Ginette 
the cowboys walking the boardwalk
       Then after after cruising the shops, restaurants and saloons, watching a couple gunfights on the streets (they don't do that much anymore) we decided to go into Big Nose Kate's Saloon, excellent choice!
       Lively music, cold beer, great food and a fun time we had!
Big Nose Kate's
      Well the cowboy rounded me up and put me in a coffin. Fun times and lotsa laughs.
thats me RIP !
2 bottles of whiskey
Suzie has me at gun point here
be good or else
         Couple days later we headed north of Benson to  Gammons Gulch . Now this is a real western movie set, That Jay Gammon himself built over many years. A lot of movies have been filmed here if you click his link you can read all about it if your care. Link is Gammons Gulch . This is not a commercialized tourist attraction.
          We were the only 2 people there and Jay himself gave us a wonderful almost 3 hour tour of the place. It was amazing the work that he has done over 30 plus years. Was a small donation of I think about 5 dollars each. This is not a commercial enterprise, out houses to use. Pack food and drinks if you need he does not sell anything there.
of course the first place we see is the Saloon
Thats Jay himself telling us some great stories
The Mercantile
Grand Hotel where he and his wife actually live
The Duke(John Wayne) was actually there!
again I got locked up
guess I was bad again!
      Back here to New Hamburg, we have 4 showings on the house today, 11.30 am and 12 noon, so we went to her Dad's for lunch at Nithview. Was actually an excellent meal. Tomato juice, water coffee or tea, Cod loins, fresh mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, strawberries or carrot cake for desert, very tasty.
excellent meal
       After lunch Suzie took here Dad to the hospital and I walked the indoor track again 3 miles. 36 laps, not exciting but better than nothing and still to cold and icy outside.
       Then this afternoon 2 more showings of the house 4 pm and 6 pm. So at 5 we sneaked in the house made a grilled ham and cheese for Suzie and a bit of left overs for me.
        And don't want to be here for the 6 pm showing so whipped over to EJ's in Baden (country Pub) 10 minutes away, have a cold one.
       But then Suzie wanted a snack already, so we split this appetizer? Four pork schnitzel sliders supposed to be and appetizer. Well heck it was wonderful and filling, very reasonable too. 
this is an appy?  wow it was a meal, very tasty
              That was it, we done for now can go back home, finish blogging and watch the tube for a bit. 
              Four showings today, 2 yesterday and so far 2 tomorrow. Yep we getting out, but are really more home bodies and prefer co cook, eat and drink at home.
              Glad you took the time to stop on by again and hope you keeping warm wherever you are.

 P. S. looks like we could be having a heat wave starting tomorrow!   YAHOO!!!!
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Winter.


  1. First time I was in Tombstone was 1957... I had just turned 16 and was visiting my aunt who lived in Tucson. I don't think it's changed much over the years ;-) You know, if that house doesn't sell soon you'll get to try every beer that pub has.

    1. Don't think it has really changed too much, other than Allen street is now paved, was dirt first time we were there.
      They have about 20 beers on tap plus lots more bottled beer. It would be fun but more money than we like to spend.

  2. We spent a few days looking around Tombstone in 2008. Touristy then but we did learn a different side of history you don't always hear.
    Here is hoping you'll have an offer on the house with a closing date for the end of April so it will be warm enough to be back in your home on wheels.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Lots of interesting stories and legends in the southwest makes it fun.
      Can close anytime we will get to our home whenever we can.

  3. With your persons in Ontario and your hearts in Arizona, it is a coping mechanism that keeps you two longing for your return here next fall and winter.

    Good luck with the showings and possible offer.....soon, we hope.

    1. Yes we ready to go back anytime. The sooner the better, after the initial rush the showings will slow down.

  4. That appetizer is bigger than some meals I eat. many people looking for a house in the winter. Who would have thought.

    1. The appy was huge ! more than we needed but very tasty it was.
      The market is not busy right especially in this area now, so it is a sellers market for sure.

  5. Big Nose Kate's is sure a fun place to stop a bit for lunch. We really like Tombstone and don't know yet if we'll be stopping there or not. As you know, when traveling it all depends on the weather.

    1. Yes it does depend on weather. We had hoped to get back there this spring , but....
      Travel safe.

  6. Always a pain having to leave for the showings but it has to be done. At least you are getting some notice. When I was selling Dad's condo I would usually just get a quick 30 minute notice. I would tidy everything up and just go sit in the lobby. At least you have the pub nearby. Good luck. TIme for some offers to start coming in.

  7. You have to stop with these pictures of the Southwest, you're making me homesick! ;c)

    1. We are homesick too, wish we could be there right now, but the memories are wonderful!


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