Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Fri. Mar. 2nd, Lunch with friends in Tombstone

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006
Where are we today ?

        Another wonderful day is in the works. It's a cool crisp morning, the sun rising over the mountains, a slight breeze and beautiful blue skies.
sun sneaking over the mountains
        One real nice thing about this lifestyle that we enjoy is the ever changing scenery. We just keep moving to a different area every week or two, that's why our house has wheels. And usually to another membership campground most of these are free, or $9. to $10. a night. Being fulltime rver's makes for a very inexpensive lifestyle.
USA Flag, Arizona Flag and Canadian Flag
        We had some friends from back home passing thru the area and invited them too drop in for a visit, we kind of expected them today. We have known Marc and Erin for well over two decades, our daughters were both figure skaters for many years. A phone call to them and it turns out we are going to meet them in Tombstone for lunch. So quickly hop in the car  and away we go.
on the way to Tombstone
        We parked the and strolled down the boardwalk on Allen St. to our pre arranged meeting place. Noticing one of many buskers setting up shop on the street.
nothing like adding a colorful costume to the mix
        The meeting place was none other than Big Nose Kates Saloon for a beverage, some lively atmosphere and a few bites to eat.

my favourite, Overstuffed Rueben

Suzie's chicken caesar wrap
       When you come to this place you can't help but have fun. Like this young lady who jumped up on the bar, waving here guns around.
pistol packin mama!
then the lifely music as well
Ok Marlene is posing for a new portrait
of course we need to have our picture taken together
        After this we had a hard time getting Marlene down off the piano, she kinda liked it up there.  Then we took Erin down the shaft to look at some interesting clothes. Her daughter Julie is getting married soon and I suggested a "mother of the Bride " outfit from here.
pink or green?
        Now lunch over and they wanted to see a gunfight , so down the street to the OK Coral for some entertainment, folklore and a re-enactment of the famous gunfight.

        After the gunfight we went into the Historama for a 30 minute history lesson of Tombstones colorful past.

        Then we walked the street checking out the shops along the way and were treated with another gunfight in front of Big Nose Kate's Saloon.
        Then down to the Tombstone Epitaph for our free copy of the old west's most famous newspaper. And the final a stop at the Birdcage Theatre for another history lesson of this brothel and gambling establishment.
old printing press on display
        Now before we know it our fun day had slipped away, we said our good-byes as we went back home and they headed off to Tucson for the night, see you guys in the spring back home. travel safe.

         By the time we got back home it was 4:45 and we had missed Rick and Suzie who had dropped by for happy hour. Sorry we missed you guys safe travels.

        And once again a fairly large lunch today so supper was cancelled again, no cooking, no picture, I got the night off.
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  1. We like Tombstone. It makes me wonder why we haven't spent more time there! Now it also seems all you two do is eat, eat, eat. Am I right? However, that's what we usually do when we meet fellow RV'ers.

  2. Wanderin:

    Tombstone is a lot of fun. We all have to eat, usually we have a light lunch and supper. I still have a love of food and cooking is a part of my day, after having my own restaurant for ten years.

  3. Love seeing the Canadian Flag!

  4. Nice seeing friends from home while on the road.

  5. Finally, Teresa and I can say "Hey, we've been there !! "

    Looks like you had a ball !!

    Take care ... TnT


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