Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Jan 22, A Relaxing Sunday

Thanks for joining us in our journey of North America 
in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

 Where are we Today ?

        Well the wind is gone and a bit more sun today so much warmer. Coffees, computing, another beautiful sunrise, walkabout and a bike ride this morning. Nothing planned we just gonna relax a bit and putter around.
another beautiful sunrise
        Shortly after 9 am I took a bunch of plastic jugs to La Posa South dump station and filled them with potable water for our fresh water tank, just because I can, we still have lotsa water. The lineup for the sewer dump was starting to grow 14 rigs in line right now. We should be good for another week or so.
14 rigs in line
        Back home I just hooked up our old spare water pump and transfer the 15 gallons real easy.
adding water
         We had our showers and catch the excess water in a pail which I used to wash the dust from our BBQ and table.  We recycle our water here a little goes a long way.
Jay's dog Lucy and the weiner
        Now we can relax with our books and watch the heavy traffic heading to the shows. What a wonderful afternoon it was too. Soon time to fire up our Weber to grill a succulent pork roast/ w applesauce, sweet potatoes in foil with apples, brown sugar and cinnamon soo yummy, and to add some more color a little broccoli.
        Supper nicely done a bunch behind us were having a huge campfire and of course we must join them, so we grabbed our chairs introduce ourselves relax and socialize, then more people came, more chairs the circle grows! Such a nice night now wind at all. We chatted shared stories etc, and sang happy birthday to? (hmm I forgot her name). Oh well we had fun and all got a a nice piece of birthday cake too!
sharing pictures

birthday cake

nice fire
a friendly bunch
        After a couple hours here it began cooling down so inside we go to relax with a bit of tv and call it another fun desert day.
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  1. and another wonderful day :) the wonderful days are piling up here also....loving every minute of it...

  2. The pork roast sure came out nice looking. What heat setting and how long on the Q? I'm sold on the way you shared cooking the chicken we have done several now and all have been great. Those big campfires sure make a nice way to spend the evening. Glad you both are having fun.

  3. Allen and Lolita:

    for the pork roast pretty well the same as the chicken, heat grill,15 min. turn down to med low, oil the roast and I used Pork or chicken spice, turn to brown on all sides ocassionally, about one hour , internal temp 160f.


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