Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Fri Jan. 6th "On the road again"

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
 since August 2006

 Where are we Today ?

        Another good nights sleep then up early as usual coffees, computing, a bit of a walkabout, have good long hot showers (we are passing a dump station) pack up and hit the road shortly after 9 am. Hey we've been here three nights (we were only gonna stay one), time to move on, don't wanna sit for too long now do we?
The is the area we are leaving  

today's journey 83 miles
        From our desert dirt out to Salton City and the main highway is 23 miles of rolling hills thru the desert, a lot of desert scenery and small scenic canyons along the way.
the Salton Sea in the distance
        There is alots of places to camp see the picture below a truck campers parked way off the road with a very scenic view over a cliff.
can you see the camper?
         Then a few other areas where rv's are parked and get their ATV and dune buggies out a play on the hills and in the canyons out here.

        The a little further we see a typical desert subdivision surrounded by block walls with the standard pink stuccoed walls and red tile roofs.
         How at the end of the road is a very convenient travel centre, they have it all for the desert traveller . Gas, diesel, propane, racing fuel,parts, food, coffee, laundromat and more important to us free sanitary dump and free potable water fill station.
travel centre
dump station
water fill 
        Now all refreshed on the road thru more desert towards Brawley.
good roads
fields of hay bales
bus with trailer toilets
downtown Brawley
         A nice scenic drive thru flat country and green fields, and lots of sheep.
fields of sheep

Holtvile has a new sign

town square
now thru town about 6 miles to our destination
        Now as we turn onto the road for our destination a sign tells us the bridge is out "Road Closed" So here we pulled over to decide what to do next and a fellow rv'er in a jeep pulled up behind us. He just happened to be from southern Ontario as well and spends the winters here in his RV. Tells us that we can get across the bridge, he just came out about an hour ago. So we carry on to find that while he was gone cement barricades have been erected and it is for sure closed.
yep its closed
        No problem just follow me he says!
dirt road beside the canal
going and going until the tiny bridge.
        No to the tiny narrow wooden bridge and we crept  across all 22,000 lbs of us to the other side. 
can we make it !
         Then followed him another 10 minutes back beside the canal and had to squeeze by a few cars coming towards us, a tight fit.
not a very wide road
        We made it to the camphost here all covered in dust by we are here. Registered and paid our $40. fee for two weeks of camping. Love this Hot Springs BLM land. This permit is good for many BLM lands in southern California and Arizona and gives us access to garbage disposal and some areas have dump stations and water filling stations as well. Here we have awesome Hot Springs!
camp host
yep lotsa dust
only the dust is scratched
        Now we have our permits we located our friends (two couples) we have met here before from Northern Ontario, Dryden in particular. Also with them two fellows from New York and another couple we also met last year with a bigger coach. Oh and right away Suzie found a dog to hug!
         We arrived at noon and were greeted by everyone here, they were just getting ready to head out for lunch in Holtville. We declined the invitation to go and decided to set up camp first and pick a spot of dirt to call ours for about a week.
load up the truck and head into town
by guys
        Ok now set up, awning out for shade (its hot!) Then I dusted off the car and our coach and relaxed in the shade for a bit chatting with Oscar when he dropped by after lunch.

home dirt
Don and Ailene's warning sign
         Now its 3:30 and time for Happy Hour. They have a central meeting area that works pretty good. Gotta have early happy hour because when the sun sets about 5 its too cool to sit outside comfortably.
always fun
Sun is setting
        Now that the sun had gone down I fired up the barbie to grill a couple of chicken breasts and heat up a can of Bushes baked beans for a quick tasty supper.
tasty supper
        Now we can relax after a fun, busy, dusty day after getting back together with good friends once again.

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  1. What a fantastic post! I felt like I was right along with you on the trip. Ooooh this makes me so excited to get out there one day with my little RV!! And of course now I'll have to get a Weber grill and have the same dinner y'all have every day. LOL. Just lovin' your blog!

  2. Jool:

    Thanks for joining our adventure, Soon you gotta get in that little rv with you weber and head out, better sooner than later.

  3. Contessa:

    For sure but thats what rv'ers do.

  4. what a great day !!! Enjoy...:) good thing that RVer was around to help you out...typical RVer !!

  5. Elaine and Rick:

    Always so many helpful people around that's what makes this an amazing lifestyle!

  6. Wonderful adventure, even if it was a bit dusty! Enjoy the new spot!

  7. now that you made it across the water I wonder what the weight rating for that bridge really was....

  8. Michael and Dee:

    Thanks we will.

    Hey duke50:

    I wondered that at the time but we made it across, we will find another way out.


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