Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thurs.Dec. 22nd. When was the last time you played Cribbage?

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
 since August 2006 

 Where are we Today ?

        A lovely warm night but we could hear that the wind seemed to be picking up. So coffees, and computing a nice sunrise and beautiful blue skies, but we are having some major gusts of wind. A walkabout to see how it is and have to hang onto my hat, a NNW wind is making the 65f weather feel much cooler.
the flags are flying high in this wind
         No problem, glad we are not travelling today, there is a wind advisory for high profile vehicles and flashing lights warning the same on I-10 when I made a quick windy trip to the store.

         Just computing and researching on such a beautiful sunny day, we discussed our options for the afternoon. We have card games, dice games, board games and it been a while. Well as you can gather by today's title, we are going to play cribbage. Get the crib board and cards, refresh ourselves with the rules (it's been a long time) and we are set to play. Forgot how much fun these games can be, the afternoon flew by enjoying the beautiful sunshine and blue skies out our kitchen window,  yule log on the tv and Christmas Carols playing over our sound system. All our games were very close, except one , where Suzie skunked me (claiming two wins for that). Well finally about 4:30 we called it quits with me coming out ahead wining  5 out of 9 games.

         Then back into our book addiction for a bit while the sun is still shinning bright until 5:30 then gonna whip up supper.  Tonight is Fettuccine Alfredo with grilled chicken breast, tossed salad and a nice fresh baked Mexican roll from Albertsons.
        Supper done, chat a bit and we noticed that the fierce winds had died down considerably. So our first day of winter went pretty smoothly, don't mind these at all, sure beats the alternative! Oh and now the days are getting longer, more sunshine and before we know it some people will be complaining about the heat, (not me).

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  1. We often play cards (Pitch, Cribbage, Gin Rummy, and more) during our travels. While I taught my wife (Ellen) to play Cribbage, the student very often beats the teacher.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  2. Glad you had some sun today. It was cold and wet all day today, here in the valley.

    I haven't played crib in over 30 years, for sure.

    Take care ... TnT

  3. John and Ellen:
    Thanks for stopping by, I was teaching Suzie and she was whipping me, But I got the last game was close thou.


    Lotsa sun just a cool wind, playing Crib was a blast , its been a long time for us too!

    Winter is setting in, the weather comes and goes wherever you are,, no snow thou!

  4. We play cribbage quite a bit especially when Alex is around. Last January I got a perfect hand when I was playing with him. We play Yahtzee almost everyday and Backgammon quite a bit. We love play games.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Really cool to see the Canadian Flag flying there!!


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