Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dec. 9th It's Friday!

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
 since August 2006 

 Where are we Today? 

        Hmmm, when we were working, friday was a special day because it was the end of the work week and some of us have two days off. But we are retired now and every day we have to wake up (that's a good thing), coffees, read, eat, read,walkabout, read, eat, read, walkabout, read, happy hour, eat, read, (watch tv if we have time) sleep, wow its a tough life, never a day off. But I'll tell you its the best job I ever had.
        So today we got to do all of that plus even make time to go to the store. Walkabout the resort  a few times, I climbed the hill behind our campsite where the nice looking Casitas (cottages) are, more than a dozen nice looking rentals that they have here. A fantastic desert view on this clear day overlooking the San Pedro Valley and our campsite.
looking north
looking south west
looking east
        Now hanging out and really enjoying the weather, chatting with neighbors and sharing "RV" information tips and tricks always stuff to learn and share. Quite a few rv's coming and going, some leaving and moving on and some heading to Valley Vista resort in Benson (5 miles away) we are going there Saturday for 5 nights. Also a few rv's arriving from Valley Vista, another membership park, most people make use of the system and by moving every two weeks or so can stay in the area for at least two months for little or no overnight fees.

        We did manage to relax for a bit and enjoy our books again until it started to cool down around 5 pm then inside to whip up supper. I looked in the cupboard and found a box of Macaroni and Cheese (Spongebob Squarepants shapped) I had picked up in case the grandchildren stayed over but we won't see them until late spring. So to help out this pasta and make it more interesting I added some ground beef, onions, garlic, celery, carrots, fresh mushrooms, a tossed salad and garlic bread, then we have a nice tasty meal. And of course I added some habanero peppers to my portion for a little kick.
pretty tasty
        Amazing how the days just zip by enjoying the southern Arizona sunshine and how intense the sun is here, with no clouds its blazing hot, a cloud floats by and the temperature can drop 20 degrees F almost instantly (85f to 65f). Now the sunsets (a light frost again tonight) and an almost full moon in a cloudless nightime star filled sky is so nice especially with no light pollution from big cities.
        Supper done and dishes wrapped up we can chat and read for a while even tried to watch a movie, but I think the tv bothers my eyes, turn it on and my eyes just want to close.         

Good night!
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  1. and another great day in paradise...with a great supper...

  2. After such a full day, those eyes just need to rest!

  3. I am going to steal that cartoon from today! That is so right.

    That campground looks wonderful. Our kind of countryside. As soon as our "familial obligation" is over we will be doing exactly what you are doing. It sounds wonderful!

    Happy days!

  4. Daryl;

    You steal the carton, I did, it's like you said is said right!

    Lotsa nice places out here to visit and enjoy, love the small towns an villages.

    We could care less about most big cities.

  5. Hi George

    Nice to see you had some sunshine today. We had rain ALL day !!

    Take care ... TnT

  6. TnT:

    Not much rain in Arizona (dry heat!!) thats why we love it!!,
    Cold nights sunny days and dry!!


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