Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fri. Feb 18th 2011 Greune Texas.

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      Today we are going take a short trip to check out Greune Texas. But before that we had coffees and I did a walkabout. I sighted in the distance across the dry river bed what appeared to be some kind of a green animal. Not too sure but upon closer inspection I am sure that it is a petrified "Lockness Monster" left here for the over active minds of children here in the summer months. (it was next to the playground).
what is it?
       Well after this hair raising experience I went a got Suzie told her the whole terrifying experience, and once she calmed me down we got in the car for a short, 20 minute drive to the Village of Greune.

about Greune
        For a quick overview here goes. After being settled in the 1870's the Greune Hall was built as a gathering place for the locals. By the early 1970's it was pretty well a ghost town so but the hall was purchased and very carefully made useable again without changing too much of the original structure, re-opened as a Dance hall with brands filling the place with crowds most every weekend (the outside walls still open up for ventilation). With groups playing this spring such as Jerry Jeff Walker, Boz Scaggs, Randy Travis and Arlo Guthrie (boy would I like to see him) Arlo sang many songs that I knew and two that you might recognize (if you are old enough) "Alice's Restaurant" and "The Motorcycle Song". Some of the old buildings were also made useable again as restaurants, gift shops, etc.. opened and here, now there ya go, another tourist attraction.

      It was pretty well planned out with plenty of central parking and the charm of the old buildings retained. We arrived at shortly after 11:00am and found it not too busy with parking right on the main street. But it was still overcast and a slight mist in the air. Having the luxury of not too many people around we checked out most of the shops, The Hall and restaurants. We decided on the GristMill Restaurant and Bar. This was the Old Gristmill (under the Water Tower) that had been carefully converted into a very nice restaurant with good food and reasonable prices. We had a nice outside seat overlooking the lower patios and the river. Of course we sampled a Texas Beer and I had tasty pork ribs, w/ salad and Texas round fries. Suzie pork loin on a bun with Texas fries. Very good, no supper again tonight. By 1:00 pm it was getting very busy in town the restaurants and parking lots filling up rather fast and the sun coming out from behind the clouds really warming things up. So a bit more of a walkabout, check out a few more shops then make our way back home to enjoy the rest of our sunny day outside.

Oh by the way is anybody having problems viewing the pictures on our Blog?? If so please let us know.

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