Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Mon. Feb. 7th 2011, Benson AZ

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer,
 since August 2006

      Monday morning not so cold overnight and and other beautiful Arizona sunrise with the required clear blue skies. Last saturday when we fueled up at the Flying J in Eloy I had noticed a tiny stone chip, small crack in the windshield of our coach. As we headed down the interstate I watched it grow to about 6 inches in length until it finally stopped. Today I searched the internet and found Benson Auto Glass, so checked them out first thing this morning. They came to the campground and inspected the damage then ordered a new windshield for our coach, luckily we have glass coverage for these types of problems, windshields are pretty pricey items. It will be installed this wednesday so now we will delay our departure 2 days until saturday morning to allow the windshield to seat into its new home.

      After this I went to Walmart looking for some items, 2 light bulbs to top up my inventory and beer, they were sold out of my beer and had no light bulbs so down the street to Safeway. But in the Walmart parking lot is this nice old customized pickup truck, he solved the problem about what to do with your dog while shopping. Can't lock them in the car, its too hot, so why not tie him to the steering wheel, leave the door open and let him sit in the shade with some water. Sounds good to me and nobody will mess with your nice truck either.
Arizona Car alarm
      Back down the main street still looking for 2 light bulbs, none at the RV store, Walmart, UAP , but finally a at Car Quest I got em. Sure is nice that Benson is a small town, main street has three stop lights, you can get whatever you want here, just not all in one place its all somewhere in that one mile street.
Main St. Benson
        So after my excursions and chores done its afternoon and getting quite warm out. We got the lawn chairs out and enjoyed a great afternoon in the very warm sun, with our books and chatting with two couples that arrived later today from Fenelon Falls Ontario, close to our Galvin Bay home park. They notice our name Yates on our name plate and asked if we knew a Tom Yates from Bobcaygeon. Well that's my fathers name he lived in the small town of Bobcaygeon for many years and is now resting peacefully there, the one they knew was a Real Estate Agent (not my father), small world.
its gotta be warm if Suzie has shorts on
      Well after reading Contessa and Larry's Blogs report on the " Canadian West Coast Seafood Evening" we are craving some seafood. This was put on by some of the rv'ers at Tres Amigos RV park in Mazatlan Mexico for everyone that was there. They had served up a huge selection of fish and seafood mostly from the water's of British Columbia, looked so good. So I did my best just for the two of us with some bacon wrapped scallops, grilled salmon, rice pilaf, tossed salad and a nice potato bun.
tasty supper
      The perfect end to an awesome day!

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  1. Good job for an honorary Tres Amigos Rver! We didn't have scallops!

  2. Hey there,

    I keep seeing Tom Yates in the Real Estate ads here, and wondered if he is related?

  3. I too love bacon wrapped scallops


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