Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tues. Feb. 8th 2011 Benson AZ

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
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very windy
       Yes it was a windy day. It started with a nice sunrise and warming up and then a bit of a breeze. By 9:00am it became very windy. I went to the store and the wind is blowing dust, and tumbleweeds around like crazy making driving difficult glad we are not on the road today. Back home I noticed rugs, mats and other items were blowing around the resort even our BBQ and table had been blown over. I found our door mat, put the barbie and tables away and struggled just to open the door to our coach and keep it from blowing away. According to the weather channel winds here were 25-35 mph with gust to 55 mph (88kph) with warnings of hazardous driving conditions. It was a very warm day thou, just too windy to do much outside, occasionally it violently rocked our coach.

      So puttering about reading and computing with a nice view out our front window of the mountains and desert scenery.
nice view
       I did attempt to help our neighbour from Fenelon Falls Ontario set up his star choice satellite dish, but eventually we gave up, and he just plugged into ours. Chatting with him for a while he has a paving company up there and did pave all the driveways in the housing development where my father had lived almost two decades ago, very small world.

       We made a good choice for supper today. I opened a jar of our preserved beef, into our slow cooked, added the potatoes, veggies, spices and some leftover "Au Jus" from the other day, letting it simmer all day long filling our coach with a delightful aroma of a tasty beef stew. Eventually we got to sample it and was a perfect meal for a windy day. Part B of this plan was to have some leftovers for supper when we are on the road saturday and sunday night, and we did manage to have leftovers.
beef stew for supper
      After supper as the sun was setting the wind died down and treated us with a beautiful star filled sky.

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