Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wed. Sept. 29th, 2010, Arkona Ontario

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, 
since August. 2006

      They say events happen in threes, well enough for us in a 24 hour period. It started Tuesday afternoon when I brought home a 24 case of my favourite beverage. As I opened the door and put it on the floor inside, "clang fizz" one broken bottle making a mess. We cleaned up the mess and carried on.

      When we arrived here 2 weeks ago our engine battery in the coach seemed to be dead. So this morning I removed it and checked it out to see if it would hold a charge. During this time I cleaned up the battery in the car and the battery box in the coach. To do this I need baking soda and water. When I disconnected the hose from our coach, I usually open the tap in that compartment to take the pressure off the line. Well when I hooked the water up again I did not notice the tap was still turned on, its connected to our Black water holding tank (toilet for those not familiar with the term). Well a while later Suzie mentioned a bit of a sewage smell and at the same time I went outside and heard water running. OH NO I ran and shut the water off and dumped the black water tank. The water had filled the tank and overflowed onto the bathroom floor, what a mess!! Well I got the shop vac here and cleaned up as much water as I could then Suzie borrowed a mop, and cleaned and cleaned, Pinesol smells much better than black sewage water. And she never even yelled at me!!

      After lunch I went to Canadian Tire in Forest, picked up the new battery and came home and installed it in our coach. I took the one floor mat that got soaked and washed and dried it, we tidied up then decided it was time to relax in the shade with a book and a beverage. Now all set up, I went inside to pour our drinks into our travel mugs and guess what, I spilled it! Onto the throw mat in front of the sink. So now outside with the saturated mat and hose it down. Thats three things now, is it safe for me to move or should I be tied up???  By now Suzie is laughing at me, good thing we have a sense of humour.

      Now we relaxed a bit and read, chatted with a neighbour, but now its time to cook supper. Is it safe for me to do so?? Well cautiously I lit the BBQ, put on the baked potatoes, and cooked the prime rib steaks, peas and garlic bread all without mishap!

       Now lets sit down and watch tv, what kind of trouble can I get into there? I will cross my fingers and hope that by tomorrow this spell has been broken.
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New Years Eve, Stone Island, Mexico
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