Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sat. Sept 18th, 2010 Arkona

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Happy Birthday Suzie!!!!

      Today is Suzie's birthday and we can do whatever she wants. So we start the day with English crumpets, coffee, and computing. But its raining most of the morning, so we compute some more, open our map programs and begin to plan our winter migration. A few hours of this then a roast beef sandwich for lunch, and the sun came out so we can walkabout a bit. There was supposed to be a car show and cruise at Rock Glen Falls across the road in the morning, but with the rain and all, not too many cars were there so we did not even check it out.

      Now she can sit outside and read for a while as I repaired a couple of our lawn chairs then a chat with some neighbours and read a bit more, while I prepared a special appetizer of coconut shrimp.
yummy coconut shrimp
      A little while later Trish and Jordan stopped by and I helped them set up their TV to get more channels from their antenna, then try to solve the problem of a huge ant invasion that appeared on their patio. No pictures camera battery was being charged.

      Now back home I made some of my special home made caesar dressing, and prepared a birthday supper for her of Alaska King Crab legs, melted butter, baked potato with cheese and the caesar salad. Then I even did the dishes today, because it was her birthday, while we chatted some more. Then a bit more reading and some tv just to round off a perfect day.
very tasty supper
      Thanks for dropping by on Suzie's birthday.
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New Year's Eve, Stone Island Mexico
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  1. To Suzie - Happy Birthday again. Nice dinner! George good cook! Feeling any older? Hope not. Have a good day.
    Love - Vera

  2. Happy Birthday Suzie! George does treat you like a queen. Yoummy food all day.


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