Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Really enjoying it here and these warm sunny days.

Where are we today ? 
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        Very nice and warm over night with windows open only 54f (12C) we can handle that great for sleeping. We did have a few rain sprinkles early morning but then cleared up, bonus, cleaned the windshield on our coach!
         Got some morning coffee and computing done then a vey nice walkabout by 7:30 this morning nice enough to wear shorts and my hoody for  a bit.
         Noticed this amazing site below, a cloud cover over a mountain in the distance almost looks like a snow drift over top on the mountain.
this was too cool!
    On this walkabout noticed a bunch of Gambles quails scurrying around the roads here, they are so cool. To see and listen to them.
Gambles quails
back home for another coffee caught a nice
rainbow out our dinning room window 
     Then just after 8 am headed into Truth or Consequences (T or C) to the Walmart for a few things, just cause I could.
love the Walmart parking lot covered with solar panels
and shad
      Back to the park and just cruised around for bit.
overlooking the lake, and boats in storage
boat launch ramp, a long way down
         In a while we enjoyed a nice light lunch as usual then I took a drive around and down by the lake and the beaches.
nice plowed roads down to the lake 
wonderful beaches here would be very busy in the summer
nice that I can drive on it with our car too
lots of plowed roads here
how is that for a perfect campsite?
wonderful waterfront sights, dry camping
$10.00 a night
lots of dry camping sights here, this looks wonderful
         Now back home to relax in the sun and the shade about 70F (21C) in the shade and quite hot in the sun so we moved around, sun, shade, sun, shade worked for us and got some wonderful reading done this afternoon.
feet in sun , body and book in the shade
      A few more walkabouts just enjoying this wonderful weather that we are here for. Spotted this plant below and colourful red flowers, very nice. Don't know the plant, thinking maybe a desert plant of some sort .
            Late afternoon now is just after 4 p, and the sun is beginning to set on the lake behind us.
looks wonderful across the lake
looking the other way the sun is setting
and a whole mess of Gambles Quails dropped by
to enjoy the feed our neighbour put
on our site
        At 4:30 I preheated our Weber Q and whipped a salad, thawed a couple of salmon fillets and prepared for the grill.
not long to cook these and as usual very tasty
done at 5:15 just as it was getting dark,
perfect timing.
salad , salmon and some leftover corn
 from last night
       Now we can still enjoy a bit more reading time outside and post this blog 7 pm and 56 f , almost done soon time to head on inside for the night.
       No complaints about this weather at all. We sure are enjoying what we came to the southwest for new scenery, sunshine, blue skies, next to no humidity, not many bugs at all and warmer weather.
       Glad that y'all dropped by for a look see and hope you had great day as well joining us.
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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Hey George, great post! However, looks like your pictures have all duplicated themselves at the bottom.
    I love the quails, have yet to see my first this trip.
    I think that plant is an oleander. I took pictures of white ones this morning .......... although lost the photos somehow.
    Enjoy Butte!

    1. Thank for the picture tip, I missed that when I edited it, all fixed now.
      Lots quail here and hear them all day long. Oleander eh, thanks for the info. Keep having too much fun there.
      Hate when I loose photos too.

  2. We will be marking that boon docking spot on our map. It looks lovely. It still amazes me how you get a days work done before I even think about getting up. Today I was up at 9:45 lol Safe travels

    1. Lots of great places to explore. 9:45 am I have been up for 5 hours already, this is my time of day that I love, don't like to sleep the day away no naps either.

  3. You're right. It does really look nice. What a great view!

  4. Lovely pictures today. Love the blue sky and the clouds. Though we did not stay there, when we stopped in that area, we did ride through the park. We decided if we ever go that way again it is were we would stay and your pictures confirmed the decision.

    1. Nice enlarge sites, good weather very reasonable and free wifi a great reason to camp here.

  5. That was really a good pic of the cloud covered mountain, you are right, it looked like it was covered in snow. That solitude rv by the lake looked like ti was so close to the water that the truck would have a difficult time turning the rig around.

    1. Thanks the mountain was an interesting sights to see.
      It is actually a pretty large area just far away in the picture.

  6. Great pictures. Going to have to go back through the area.

    1. Thanks Peter, it is a very nice area, love the park.

  7. Nice weather and great pictures! Love the rainbow! Looks like a nice place to call home for awhile.

  8. Love all the pictures and that area of New Mexico! What is that large thing(?) in the picture of the lake? Looks like a building or sinking ship.haha..Nice drive and pictures!

    1. Thanks guys.
      It is a very nice area here. That big thing in the lake is a volcanic core said it looks like and elephant laying on it's side.

  9. I've been wanting to check out that park. Now I know my rig will fit!!

    1. Lots of very large campsites here , you should have no problem fitting on most sites.

  10. I'd guess the water management folks wish the lake level wasn't exposing those big beaches, Looks like a nice area to hang out,

    1. The lake level goes down in the fall, but they do allow dry camping on the beaches, with ports potties and garbage dumpsters there.

  11. Looks like an awesome spot to pass some time, George.
    Solar panels over Walmart parking lots... what a great idea!

    1. Paul, it ist a wonderful place to hang out, (very reasonable too) and the solar powers the whole store too.


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