Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, November 12, 2017

From one New Mexico State park to another, nice to be moving again.

Where are we today ?
clic a pic to enlarge it
     We are having another amazing day, almost don't want to leave , but we are ready to move on down the road again.
     Did some nice early morning walkabouts around this area again, a really beautiful area on the lake.
     Taking our time with not far to go we got our coach secured, pulled out shortly after 9 am, Saying so long for now to our new friends Scott and their crew.  Living Large in the North , a young family of 9 taking their first adventure south.
nice back roads and trails here
heading out of town through Truth or Consequences
         Hopped on I 25 south and the short cut to Deming and through Hatch NM , famous for their Chili Peppers.
they really promote their chile  peppers here
markets like this all through town
carried on down the road and past a lot of solar Farms
nice quiet back roads to enjoy
open range cattle along this stretch
        Before noon we arrived at Rock Hound State park, checked with the host and were parked in the group area, not too bad, we are on a cement pad (bonus) with water and electric only again $14.00 a night.  As we pulled were treated by Brenda and Len, what a nice welcome, was not sure that they would still be here. Set up and enjoyed a nice light lunch.  Then paid for our site and checked out the park a bit.
desert cactus love it
these are everywhere
we are camped in there
       Not a lot of sites but very friendly hosts, the Florida mountains around us.
lots to see in this area  if we want to explore
      Below is our site, If we wish to move to another site that become available we can , but this is not too bad at all and a cement patio to boot!
this works for us
group area, but no groups, we will enjoy it here
          We have the bonus of the pavilions beside us to use lots of room and shade, It is very hot in the sun 83F (28c) is the shade is welcome. And enjoyed reading for  a while relaxing in the shade.
Suzie in the shade over there
        Then at 3 pm our new friends Brenda and Len , we met at Bottomless Lakes State park drop over for Happy Hour. Sure is nice to see them again and we shared some for stories and fun information.
Len and Brenda
    Shortly after 4 pm they headed home so that we could all BBQ our supper before the sunset.
and we are in the perfect spot to enjoy a sunset too
      I had whipped up a salad and grilled a smoked pork chop we brought from home, It was huge so we shared it.
sure love these smoked chops
hit the spot tonight
      Then we even got to enjoy the rest of the sunset out our dining room window having supper.
what a perfect way to end another perfect day
     We are going to hang out here for a few days then make our way in to Arizona and explore some dessert that we love.
104 miles, just a couple hours down the road
        Thanks for stopping on by and if you don't see your blog in our side bar let me know, Goofed and deleted it, hoping to get all the blogs back that we follow again.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. So that's why Florida is so flat, its mountains moved to New Mexico! :cD

  2. Great pictures again. Another area I have not seen. Will have to add it to my list.

    1. We have passed through just never stopped before, nice to relax.

  3. Looks like you have definitely made it into the dessert. We managed to attend the Hatch Chile Festival many years ago and the smell of roasting chiles was really nice.

    1. Yes the dessert, we have finally arrived and loving it, I would have enjoyed the chile festival

  4. Love the pics, looks inviting. Those are the kind moves I like. Short and sweet. Long enough to make packing up necessary but short enough to keep the drivers seat from getting too squishy. Today is moving day for us, we're following in your shadow and will arrive at Elephant Butte today.

    1. A nice travel day for sure we enjoyed it, Love Elephant Butte have fun there.

  5. Love the NM state parks and look forward to seeing them again next year when we head west again...

    1. They are excellent parks and good value, so scenic.

  6. Beautiful area and nice campground once again! Those are some warm temps you're enjoying. Nice that Living Large in the North is doing a blog, as those will be memories all those little ones will treasure for the rest of their lives! Beautiful sunset once again!

    1. We are enjoying these new areas and wonderful campgrounds. We agree with Scott's blog so glad that he is doing it and making amazing memories for the family.

  7. Looks like a fun time to be had along the trails doing a little rock-hounding. Did you pick up some Hatch chilies? Just might have been hot enough for you :)

    1. Will be checking out the park, but don't need any rocks.
      Did not get any chilies, they are only for me.

  8. Hey, no fair! We totally should have gone East instead of West so we could spend time with all 4 of you guys... aargh. ;) Please say hi to Brenda and Len for us.

    1. LOL, that would have been fun too, maybe later in the desert.

  9. New Mexico seems to know how to do parks well. The prices are awesome and wide open spaces.
    Enjoy the park and the heat, this is the life!

    1. Love the New Mexico state parks, and the prices too,
      and the heat = perfect!

  10. Loved the sunset pics...I bet they were even better in person. Looks like you got a good park to be in for a few days...enjoy yourselves.


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