Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Met a nice couple from Holland, then to Pancho Villa and the Pink Store

Where are we today ?
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       Another wonderful day to enjoy this area. Last night one of the couple beside us we met were upset after their supper when they locked themselves out of their rental motorhome. So with the help of another we tried a few things and found a window not locked, So he climbed in and unlocked the door, Happy ending after this we chatted for quite a while and discovered their amazing adventure. They are  from Holland, flew to Los Angeles rented an RV and travelling right across the United States then flying out of Miami to South America, then Australia taking one year to travel around the world. Now that sounds like a trip of a lifetime to me.
Ruud and Kristel from Holland.
      Chatted with him early this morning before they left, he had just finished an early hike up the trail on Florida mountain behind us and took a few pictures, said he would send them to me. And he did The 2 pictures below are a wonderful view of our campground. Thanks Ruud.
this the whole campground all sites taken
we are parked to right of the red van
and them to the left
our neighbours turn over everyday when sites become available,
we are comfortable right here
lovely views this morning on my walkabout
so quiet here is amazing
sentry plant
     Shortly before 9 am we hopped in the car and head south to check out Pancho Villa State Park which is huge. They also have a museum there about Pancho Villa when his troops raided this village of Columbus New Mexico in 1916, a nice small museum that tells some of the story and interviews of some of the relatives that survived. And lots of info on the following battles and the Mexican Revolution from 1910-1920.
a large state park campground
Jeffrey Quad armoured car 1916
link is here
   We watch the video for a while, checked out the display all very interesting Amrican History for us.
what is left if this car riddled with bullets
planes and vehicles used at that time
this would be a rough ride
a much nicer ride than the Jeffrey back then
more information of the revolution
over 60 nice sites here just like this
Columbus Water towers
        After here a couple of miles down the road to Palomus Mexico and check out the Pink store.
nice  Duty free shop
     Parking across the street and walk across the border into Mexico.
the fence at the border
    Here we are crossing now, I had one foot in the USA and one in Mexico.
      Just a short block down the street to the Pink store, pretty quiet here compared to Algondones, just a few vendors n the street .
the Pink store
     So much stuff here again just like a regular warehouse type store everything has a price tag no bartering, did not see any great bargains and nothing we needed anyway.

     We checked all out then decided it was time for lunch some real Mexican food! It's been a while, We were given 2 coupons for a free drink from the Pancho Villa Museum. So 1st time in Mexico this fall gotta have a Corona and a very tasty Margarita .
nice free nachos and salsa
       So many choices, Suzie settled in this below.
Suzie had 2 beef burritos
a little spicey for her but she cleaned it up
Mine a beef Taco, enchilada,chicken chimichanga,
hot sauce,rice and beans  excellent
       Lunch was excellent , service good and reasonable, no need for supper tonight.
piano player was very good 
      Then we headed out and around the block checked out the Plaza, again very quiet but that was ok.
Suzie liked his music
colourful plaza
         After the walked the block back through customs and back home by 1 pm. I got another short walkabout . Then relaxed in the shade with another interesting page turner. It was 88f (31c) but in the shade with a cool breeze very comfortable.
      Shortly after 3 Brenda and Len joined us for Happy hour. We only have a couple more days then go our separate ways again.
could see the dust in the distance as the sun began to set
       Now once again as we have had every day here another wonderful sunset, Never tire of these.
      There ya go another fun day checked out a few things in the area and enjoying this wonderful weather.
     Thanks for stopping on by.

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Wow! That’s a very colorful Mexican town! Just makes you feel like smiling. And the sunset was incredible!

    1. Thanks Betty.
      It is quite colourful but and nice to see, without the crowds.
      And really loving the sunsets.

  2. Interesting Mexican town. Gonna have to check out the area south of Denning. Do you know if the park is going to be full all of the winter?

    1. It is nice area NM state parks have a 14 day limit do there is a constant turn over, we just drive up early in the day,and almost always get a spot.

  3. Looks like a great day, a busy day in fact. Very nice of everyone to help the young couple from Holland. I agree that would be an excellent way to spend a year. Enjoyed the glimpse into Mexico, may have to try that ourselves. I've read about the pink store a number of times in some blogs. Enjoyed the sunset!

    1. Most Rv'ers help other people and thats what we did. travelling the world in a year sure would be wonderful. Not much there other than the punks store but was glad we checked it out.

  4. What beautiful pictures today! Gotta admit your lunch from yesterday made me hungry at 0500 this am! Great sunset pics and nice ones that Ruud sent you. How wonderful for them to be so young, take a year off and adventure all over the world. Nice!

    1. Thank you lunch was very tasty and weather perfect. They are a supper couple and enjoying the good life , seeing the world.

  5. That appears a better option than Algadones, much prettier and not so crowded. Have to keep that in mind.

  6. Can you imagine how hot it must have been in that armoured car? Sort of like a sauna on wheels! :cD

    1. I cannot imagine that, it was not very popular and efficient .

  7. Gotta love those colorful Mexican cool to be in both countries at the same time! Nice story about the couple from Holland.

    1. Do love the colourful buildings they have. I thought it was cool too.
      They were such a friendly nice young couple.

  8. So they let you back in and out of Mexico again! :) Doesn't look quite as entertaining as Los Algodones but the food looks awesome! I would miss the vendors. haha

    Another great day in Paradise, lovely sunsets again George.

    1. They did, I guess they are used to us now. Los Algodones is much more fun So much more to see.
      This sure is the life !

  9. We stayed at Pancho Villa State Park. It was a very nice stop for sure.
    Everyone has to stop at the Pink Store at least once. We got our drinks and food too. Delicious. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. We did contribute to the local economy.

    1. Pancho Villa does look like a very nice park, and yes tor at the Pink store at least once. The drinks and food were excellent.

  10. I can almost hear the Mexican music. . .

  11. This was an especially fun post for me because I haven't been down there in so long. Maybe this year I'll start at Pancho Villa State Park and work my way up north like I used to do. I really did like that park, there is an owl family living in one of the trees, and it was easy to snap their photos. So, thanks for the memories - great photos! :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the day we sure did.
      We will probably do that park another time looks like a nice one.


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