Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Bisbee Arizona visit sure was fun.

Where are we today ? 
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         lotsa pictures today but did cull them down from over 200
         We are just enjoying this amazing fall/winter weather. Soon it will get cooler but heck this is what we are here for. Pretty well every day sunshine and blue skies, no humidity and and no bugs that can become a problem like elsewhere.
          Up early as usual and got a few nice walkabouts done. Good sleeping on a cool night with windows open.
nice sunrise
this sentry tree hung up in another
            At 8:30 we headed off to visit Bisbee, have not been here since the fall of 2006, it was time to go back again.

     First stop after driving through town was the Lavender pit, Open pit copper mine.
The lavender pit 

     The down the road to the Bisbee Breakfast Club (BBC) for Breakfast at 9:45 am  there was a line up bit we were inly 2 and git seated almost right away at the counter which was fine with us, can watch all the action.
      We had to go here to the Bisbee Breakfast Club and because. Al and Kelly (Bayfield Bunch)have written about it and it is a must do when you visit Bisbee.
this place is hopping 
    We each had a coffee and ordered breakfast (warning  coffee was $2.75!)
Suzie enjoyed eggs Popeye
my feast was Chirozo Rancheros with extra spices excellent
        The food was reasonable and service excellent, but the coffee, to expensive.  after break we wandered down the street to check it out and kinda cool for and old almost ghost town.
      Lots of old worn out cars around add to the atmosphere.
    Then we headed into old Bisbee. drive about town up and down the narrow streets enjoying this amazing place, just like no other.
     We found the Museum and parked on the street right in front.
the Bisbee Historical museum,
           An amazing and interesting museum all the history of the mining here from the late 1800's on, It sure was a booming place back there.
     Cannot imagine working in the mines what it would have been like.
brewery street back in the day
     Lots of amazing displays and photos of what it was like.
a tire from the newer dump trucks they used in the 1960's
outside displays
large black carpenter bees
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cool ride
main street
            From here we cruised up main street to Tucson Canyon road and headed back out of town back home.
110 stairs up to this house!
     We have read almost every book written by J.A.Jance over the years and all of here Joanna Brady books are about Bisbee and area., So nice to visit all the places she has written about.
Arizona back roads home
San Pedro river , att the trees along the banks
      Back home by 1 pm and relax in the shade 87F today with clear blue skies again , the shade was very welcome.
       Just after 3 pm we enjoyed a happy hour with Skip, Jean and the dogs, Their last day here.
       soon time to whip up supper as we enjoyed another desert sunset.
      Tonight Salmon with dill sauce on our Weber Q 100. For the recipe your can click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
not long and smells wonderful
salad and a bit of rice, sure hit the spot
        Now today is the Grey Cup game and half time show is Shania Twain, We are not sports fans but do like Shania Twain . Some people don't , but each to their own.  We enjoyed her short show then we can turn the game off. Saw what we wanted.
we diid enjoy her show
    Then outside to work on posting this blog, still nice out so why not?
    That was a fun day we had  seeing a bit more around  the area and had fun in Bisbee.
    Glad that you dropped on by and hope y;all had a wonderful day as well !

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Bisbee looks like a very interesting town and neat place to visit. The copper mine was incredible and I agree it would be very hard to have worked there.
    On a different note, that breakfast looked very good and appealing.

    1. Very interesting to look back and see what life was like in those days. Lots to see in town and the Breakfast was excellent.

  2. We loved our visit to Bisbee! It is built on a hill so lots of up and down walking. I was cheering for Calgary so the Grey Cup game did not have the best of endings for me.

    1. Bisbee is a very interesting town for sure , just the steep streets, staircases and layout of the town is amazing. A real great place to visit.
      Too bad about the game ending for you.

  3. We have only been to Bisbee once and did not know about the Bisbee Breakfast Club looks like a fun stop. Enjoyed looking at the pictures. As always the blue skies are wonderful.

    1. We did not know about the BBC 11 years ago either, sure is worth a stop , just because got us out of the high end crowded places in downtown.

  4. Always enjoy Bisbee. Going to have to try your salmon recipe.

    1. Bisbee is a very interesting town to visit.
      The salmon we love done this way.

  5. Bisbee has a lot to see. We were there a few years ago and found it fun to go back again a few weeks ago too.

    1. It was nice to go back and refresh our memories, lots to see.

  6. Looks like an interesting place,glad you had a great day.

    Take care, be safe,

    1. Thanks Deb,
      It was nice to go back and check it out after all these years. More amazing history here of the southwest.

  7. You are in my all time favorite part of the West ... Tombstone, Bisbee, Benson ... it's all about the wild and wooly times!! I haven't been to the Breakfast Club .... YET!!

    1. It is our favorite part of the southwest as well, Yes wild and wooly .
      The breakfast club is worth a visit in our opinion.

  8. Enjoyed your pictures from Bisbee. I am hoping we can stop by there on our way back to Tucson when we leave Georgia. I really like those quirky old mining towns! We will definitely check out the Breakfast Club! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for checking us out and hope you get to Bisbee, sure is a different placed the BBC really nice too.

  9. Replies
    1. We love it too nice that we got back here again for a visit.

  10. Replies
    1. Yes it sure is and lots more here in the southwest as well.

  11. Bisbee is indeed unique. Nice to see Skip and Jean.


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