Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, November 25, 2017

More excellent fall weather, chatting with friends and met another Canadian Blogger, too cool!

Where are we today ?
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      Just more amazing weather , what can I say ? This is why we love the southwest. Cool overnight, great for sleeping (windows open) and when the sun comes up is wonderful. Did get to 84 f (28c) today no complaints here at all.
       The early morning skies is why we love the southwest. Right after that I did and a quick trip for some supplies in town at 7am , No crowds in the stores at this time of day, that's why I go.
     While I was gone I put the chicken bones on to simmer (Suzie home) to make a tasty brother for a pot of chicken noodle soup. Back home I finished it off so we could enjoy a tasty bowl for lunch, and of course for a few more lunches as well.
nothing like a tasty bowl of  homemade soup,
why waste the chicken bones?
       After lunch I got a few more walkabouts done and we relaxed in the shade to enjoy our page turners. Like we both enjoy.
         A bit later Scot (living large in the north) came by with one of his daughters (Georgia) and of course walking Brownie, who has to stop for a sniff and some water. Always nice to see them when they drop by and chat, they are enjoying this area, lots to see.

brownie and Georgia
      While they were here noticed this rv pull in just 3 sites down from us and recognized the IGLOO. another Rv'er and blogger from Ontario Canada. It was Deb and Riley (bloggers from Ontario " On a long Lonesome highway" their  first time here to the southwest.
I recognized the Igloo
      Well we enjoyed more reading time in the shade and Suzie still in shorts, yes too hot in the sun.
what a perfect blue skie
        A bit later joined Jean, Skip and the dogs for Happy hour, 3 pm so was time.
Louie on Suzie's knee
Sophie on Skip's knee
       Soon time to begin supper so preheated our Weber Q 100 and our Fry Daddy. While this was happening Deb and Riley (  stopped to meet us and say Hi! Thanks guys hope you will drop by again and we can chat a bit more.
couple of Turkey burgers on the grill
made some home made  fries as well for the fry daddy,
nothing like homemade fries.
a very nice treat Turkey burger and fries
sure hit the spot
    Still a nice evening for a while so we enjoyed the fresh air outside reading and finish up posting this blog, after a nice relaxing desert day.
    Glad that you dropped on by and hope you had a great day as well.
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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Glad you are enjoying the warmth and meeting other Canadian Bloggers.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. A bit of a chill in the fog this morning along the beach, sure makes that soup look like a perfect lunch! Hope you continue to have the Indian Summer to enjoy those perfect fall/winter days.

    1. It was excellent here and we will take as much of thos weather as we can get. Love soup for lunch any day.

  3. I believe you are the king of chicken soup.

    1. LOL. Larry ... We eat a lot of chicken so may as well use the bone as well for a great broth and of course more soup!

  4. Cool evenings and warm days are just about perfect.

  5. What a nice day you had once again! How nice to meet more bloggers and how many there are in the park! I think it's so great that so many people blog..what a great way to keep the memories for us and for the future generations to read. Dinner once again, looked delicious ..we love turkey burgers!

    1. It is another day in paradise that we enjoyed. An all boggers that we have followed as well. It is a great way to share our travels and keep the memories, for sure.
      We love the Turkey burgers as well so tasty.

  6. It was great to meet both you and Suzie, and thanks for the shout out. We too are loving this weather and are looking forward to enjoying much more of it. Thanks for the tips.

    Take care, be safe,

    1. Yes Deb ut sure was nice to meet your and Riley as well, I was wondering if we would meet somewhere in our travels. Lost to see and do in this area I am sure you will enjoy it here.
      Keep enjoying the good life.

  7. I like sunshine but I am getting tired of these 90 and almost 90 degree days. Thank goodness the nights cool down and we can turn off the air. Lots of fun visiting and reading. Good times.

    1. We are enjoying this warm weather, we have had some pretty cold days as well, these are a treat. The cool nights here are great for sleeping.
      It sure was a fun day.

  8. How cool that Deb and Riley caught up with you. Give a shout out to them from us. Hope to bump into them one day too.
    This weather is awesome and even though it is cooling down next week, still why we came down here. Keep on enjoying!

    1. That sure was kinda cool, you may just run into them dry camping out there somewhere.
      Cooling down is fine as long as we have the sunrise it is all good.

  9. Wow! To think there is more than one Canadian blogger out there... :cD

    1. Surprisingly there is quite a few of us Canadian bloggers and full timers.


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