Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Open Pit copper mine tour was amazing !

Where are we today ? 
clc a pic to enlarge it
       Loving this free camping here at at the casino,  peaceful and quite , no issues and 24 hour security .
       Up early , as usual and caught a nice sunrise tight out our kitchen window at 6;45 am . perfect way to start our day.
casino parikng and an amazing sunrise
    First walkabout and enjoyed the peace and quiet well,.
this where we are for a coupe of nights
       Shortly after 9 am headed across the interstate 2/3 of a mile to the open pit Copper mine still in Operation, Asarco Mining Tours for the link click HERE  . what an amazing tour it was !

  we hoped to do the 9:30 am tour and could have,But 
with a group of 30, 6 th grade schoool kids we passed
The 11;30 hour would be much better, and was.
    In the ,meantime we checked out the gift shop for bit, then headed out for a few supplies down the road.
some cool items here and very reasonable as well.
            Got done what we wanted and back for our tour. Seniors only$8.00 each, nice discount.
            At 11  am the tour began and our guide Bill was amazing! he sure knew his stuff,
arial shot of the mine
Bill doing his talk and really was amazing,
the knew his tuff
soon we headed out to the bus for the tour about 20 of us
this black pipe line takes the liquid tailings
 to the desert
this huge piles around are Tailings, left over from the mining process
    The the tour carried, on so much information it was amazing the process that goes on her just no mine copper. But as explained in the tour copper is need in todays life styles. Computers, cell's  electric cars,  etc an the list  go on and on. in today's lifestyles.

these huge trucks bringing the ore to be processed
       Looking over part of the mine below is amazing!
more information and Bill sure  knows his stuff
way down there it is done
Add caption
loading the trucks 370 tons each, amazing !
one tire for one of these trucks
our tour bus
processing the ore
Suzie said it looks like
liquid manure from the farm and I agree
next we got to check our the process inside
170 ton truck 1974
240 ton truck 1975 too small

     Th new trucks to today hold 370 tons and they are HUGE!

         Then home to relax in the afternoon because we can ! Suzie saw a very nice item that she would like,  a nice metal  sculpture, wall hanging of Gamble's Quails that we enjoy watching here in the desert.
we have a spot for the in our coach to ! 
enjoy  wonderful warm afternoon outside reading
        Soon time for supper. leftover chicken so an tasty chicken pot pie is in order tonight, for the recipe  you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right side bar.
done to perfection in our oven
small salad and hit the spot
   That was a very fun day we had just enjoying what we do.
   Thanks for stopping by !

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Where have we been this winter ?


  1. Another educational and fun day! Glad you two are having a good time.

    Take care, be safe,

    1. Thanks Deb it was a fun day, busy 2 days in a row too, time to settle down for a bit.

  2. Looks like you really enjoyed yourselves. Those are sure some big tires and big trucks!

  3. We've never done a copper mine tour. Sounds like we need to add it to our bucket list.

  4. Going to have to take the mine tour. Always wanted to do one, checked at Morenci last spring and they do not give them. Thanks for the heads up on this one.

    1. It was a worth while tour to take and really amazing to see.

  5. Interesting tour, we'll have to check it out next time we're down that way, like the Quail Sculpture too.

    1. Very Interesting well worth taking the rime to check it out.

  6. Wow I love the tours you've been taking lately! Very informative but not at all boring it seems! Love the quail wall art, we have a lot of them here too in NV and love watching their little families. Dinner looks really awesome. I made your recipe before and it was delicious! Thank you for the email and picture, just what I needed to see :))

    1. Your welcome guys, the tours have been a lot of fun always nice to see different things in the areas that we go too. The quails are fun to watch.

  7. We had both Euclid and Terex trucks at our rock plant years ago. They are a kick in the pants to drive, but rock and roll a lot when empty due to the big tires.

    I'm trying your pot pie recipe for dinner!!

    1. They sure would have been and experience to drive, that's for sure.
      Enjoy your pot pie easy and tasty.

  8. Love those big trucks, I'm hoping to get one for Christmas. It'll fit right under our tree... :cD

    1. That sure would be an amazing Christmas gift, under your tree!

  9. That must have been very interesting!


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