Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, May 07, 2012

Visiting with friends in Plattsville

Where are we today ?
Plattsville, Ontario

        We had a real good nights sleep after saturday's late party night in Elmira. Woke up with the  sun this morning to see about 25 vehicles still in the parking lot here. Smart people had found other means of transportation and not drinking and driving. That's why we take our house with us.
No rush just needed to get the blog posted, and check emails. 

        Now heading south from Elmira on the hiway there is one roundabout, (traffic circle)seems a strange place for it, but we are used to them here. When we travel along Ira Needles Parkway there are about 6 of these roundabouts. You have to be alert, especially driving our coach towing a car, but they do keep the traffic moving. There is even a couple roundabouts in the new shopping plaza that just opened here as well.
        Then phoned my mother in Waterloo and stopped by to take her out for a late breakfast at the Sunset Grill. We had a tasty breakfast and a very nice visit. Checked out ma's computer again, seems to be some issues with it, think it needs to see the doctor.

        We are still driving our coach towing the car around Kitchener/Waterloo, sightseeing where we have lived in the area for over forty years. Things sure change and everything looks so different when sitting way up high in our coach. 
25 miles today
        Our destination today is the village of Plattsville where we lived for 25 of those years. Friends John and Lea are a few acres backing onto the subdivision and lots room to park. They have always said we are welcome anytime, so this is one of those times.  
our spot for a few days
         We had chatted with them at the Stag and Doe last night as Lea is a school bus driver and does charter runs at times. She drove her bus saturday night to bring people from town to Elmira and back. Today she has off work so working about their property for a while ( a lot of work )
Leah working in the ditch
        Then we sat and chatted for a while, Suzie got to play with Molly and her pup buddy. Molly it the one with the short hair. 
rub me please
their son Jamie's  friend has a cool bike!
         Now relaxing and chatting she insisted that we have supper with them. This is the only day she will have off for the next while. She keeps busy driving school bus,  working at the Home Depot, maintaining this property and playing baseball. Leah and her son Jamie fooling around in the kitchen.
        Leah whipped up and awesome roast pork for a tasty supper, mashed potatoes and green beans, And John's  excellent gravy. They best stop feeding us like this our we may never leave! 
so tasty
        Chat for another while after supper then we head out to our home in the yard.

        So nice to visit with family and friends occasionally and even nicer when they have a place for us to park. 
Check out the map below to see where we have been this summer
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  1. Very nice camping spot!

    One of the best things about a Class A is being so high up and seeing the sights.

  2. You seem to find some great places to stay. Some places have nice parks and others are harder to find.

  3. Always nice to have a nice place to stay and a fine dinner as well. Enjoy!

  4. A nice place to park and a great looking dinner too - doesn't get any better than that.


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