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Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Making progress......

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario

        This morning was cold 28f (-4c) and frost , hopefully it did not damage the corn that has just started to grow. But it ended up quite sunny and warm most of the day72f (22c).

        If you read yesterdays posting you will know that Suzie's mother was admitted to the Stratford Hospital yesterday and transferred to St. Mary's Hospital in Kitchener this morning. Testing her heart with die injected into her veins and it was found there is two blockages and a stint will not fix the problem, so looks like a double bypass needs to be done. She will be in the hospital until this happens apparently after 5 days unless a problem arrises. At least she is in good care and being monitored.

        I took Suzie into the hospital this morning and dropped her off so she could be there with her Mom and Dad, that's where she needs to be. So far all looks good. Her mother is disappointed they did not fix her up today because she is the one who does the reserved seat sales for the Quilt Auction at the Mennonite Relief Sale in New Hamburg  that happens every year, next weekend, the last Friday and Saturday in May. Well I know it will happen with or without her as I think Suzie will step up to the plate and volunteer to take her place (we need to discuss this yet she says). No problem I believe it will happen and I can also help out where need be too. So for the time being looks like we will be sitting tight at the farm or close by if we wear out our welcome here, until things are under control, hurry up and wait.

        After dropping her off I stopped by Canadian Tire to look around for stuff,  the Home Depot and Walmart all in the same plaza on the way home and picked up a few things for supper. Back home Dennis, Sandy and their son Greg were in the fields picking stones. I washed our car and their suv, they get pretty muddy on these country roads when it rains right after grading with fresh gravel. 
all clean
this squirrel was busy all day with the walnuts
        Then I will work on getting supper ready tonight, my version of a shake and bake chicken dish with rice and stewed tomatoes. But I will use Corn Flake crumbs as they are wheat free, add a few spices coat a bunch of chicken thighs with crumbs and pop this one dish recipe in the oven. Add a few veggies and a tossed salad and we should be good to go whenever somebody wants to eat, usually about 7 o'clock after chores, and whatever needs to be done.
wheat  free crumbs is good
ready to eat 
tasty chicken and rice
         Well supper happened in shifts as people got home and were able to grab a bite. Now all is good we will see what tomorrow brings.

        Thanks for stopping by and for all your prayers. 
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  1. We will definitely be keeping Suzie's Mom in our prayers. Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  2. Well at least Mom is in the right place. It is going to be a long recovery period. At least you can handle that. Prayers for you all..nice of you to keep the home fires burning for everyone. Good idea with the eat when you get in type of meal...lotsa shifts your way right now.

  3. More prayers heading towards Suzie's Mom. Take care -- your dinner looked great.

  4. Suzie's Mom is in our thoughts and prayers and that shopping plaza would be my home away from home!

  5. We hope Suzie's mother will have a successful surgery!

  6. Thanks so much for all your support, prayers and well wishes.

  7. Good luck to Suzie's Mom and her by-pass surgery. I required a tripple bypass in 2005, and it took me quite a while to recover. However, it has changed my life to the better!

  8. I know quite a few folks who have had triple and quadruple bypass surgeries and are now out climbing and hiking mountains. At least she's in good care now and I'm sure she'll be back home and as good as new in no time.


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